Comfort Zone

So I finally got the inspiration to write again after a long time. I wanted to release the Jenna Hamilton inside me and just write what I was thinking or what I've realized just moments ago. As much as I want this blog to just be about fashion, food and style, I can't. I can't stop writing. It may seem like I've lost the need to write ever since my life became all about parties and drinking and just going out almost every night. But today it felt different. Although I was planning to go out later, I really saved this time to actually write something, not for me but for you guys who's been patiently reading this blog. :)

Lately I've been trying my best to get back what I lost, the old me. I know people are smart enough to notice how I changed drastically over the months. I guess pain makes people really change huh. But then I realized that sometimes we have to go down through memory lane and just think about those times before we lost ourselves. It takes a lot of courage to tell or show people what we really feel. But we have to admit that things will always screw us up and that whenever we fall, we just have to go back to square one and start all over again.

Sometimes it takes us back to the arms of the people we truly love and the people who truly loves us to feel that we can somehow get back what was lost in ourselves, what was lost when we failed, when we got hurt, when we thought life was tearing us apart. Some situations leads us back to the arms of that person who we know will always be there for us even how tough we've made them feel in the past. It leads us back to the people who we are sure would take us back at any time of the day. The people who would be kind enough to open their doors for us in the middle of the night, to turn their light on for us while we waited in the dark. The people who are willing to listen to us for hours while we rant on how awful we feel, or how awful things in our lives had turned out to be.

Because in those arms we feel safe. We have the security and reassurance that we need once in a while. The feeling of being welcomed in spite all the struggles and pains that we've been through. The feeling of being comfortable in any way possible, because we know that those people who truly loves us won't ever judge us no matter what we do or say.

We may not have felt it in the right time but we eventually felt it in the right situation. In the situation where we knew these people, are the only people who can save us. Because we are sure that these people are always going to have their arms wide open for us. That they are willing to go out of their way to comfort us and make us let go of the heavy things we've been keeping inside.

And mainly because we know we can always trust them, they can always make us feel better, make us feel loved and sometimes, they're the only ones who can light up our situation. They are our comfort zones. Maybe we thought that we lost the feelings already but maybe they were just out of sparks. But the feelings still remained. And maybe, just maybe those feelings will never even fade away. And luckily, they open their arms wide enough for us to crash into them, and make us feel that clearly.. We are home.

Black is the new back


Yay! Outfit Post again! :)
This week has been too much for me. 
I was loaded with paper works and quizzes and 
it literally made me wanna cry. :(
Im just really happy that I got to visit my brother and I was able to sleep well last night.
Boy, I really needed a breather!
1 more push until I get to enjoy the Christmas break!! :)
Good luck to everyone taking their exams this coming week!

Top: Marks & Spencer
Skirt: Bazaar
Nude Pumps: Parisian
Bag: Ferragamo

Photos from my iPhone since I left the camera in my mom's. :|

xoxo, tesle

Soul's Day


Yay for November 1st post! :)
Today my brothers and I went for a long jogging sesh

The Come Back

Hey you guys!! I know it's been a long hiatus and Im very sorry. 
I've been so busy with everything after my debut and 
didn't have time to use the computer. :( Boo me. :( 
Well anyway, here's a comeback outfit post for all of you guys!! :) 

(The weather was really hot and it was hard for me to look at the camera)

(My photographer told me to walk in the middle of the road like 
Im a model in a runway so yeah :D)

Blazer: Topshop
Washed/Torned Jeans: Greenhills
Clutch: Eye For Class
Necklace: SM Dept. Store
Heels: Parisian

Thank you for visiting my blog even when I don't get to update it much na. :)
And I promise to tell you guys about my adventures these past couple of months soon!
Love you all! :*



Some of the raw (unedited) pictures from my photoshoot!! :)

Make up by: Meg Garvilles
Photographed by: Ian V

Debut Series: Thank You Message

"Your life is your message to the world, make sure its inspiring"

This night was one of the biggest milestone in my life. I am now a young lady ready to face adulthood and what comes with it. But I would never be like this, if not for my wonderful family, my parents who has shaped me to become the person that I am today. So let me take this opportunity, to thank my family, for your never ending love and support, for not giving up on me when I had almost given up on myself. Thank you for giving me not a good life, but a Fabulous one! :) Thank you for spoiling me and trying to make me happy especially in the past few months when the odds weren't really in my favor. A big thanks to my brother, for working very hard to give me what I want. Thank you for giving me everything and being a supportive brother. Thanks for always being there when I need you, and for protecting me. (Although there was one person you weren't able to protect me from :D) This thank you message also goes to my Tito's, Tita's & Lola's from Canada, New Zealand and States. I hope to see you all soon and thank you for spoiling me too! :) Thank you so much to the Telan & Aguila Family & Relatives. Thank you also to my dad's friends and my mom's too! :) You all have been so good to me and had spoiled me in every way possible. :)

It was another dream come true when I was able to perform Rihanna's song, Diamonds.
('Di lang halata pero prinactice ko 'yan.)

This thank you message is for my friends since I was at a very young age, my best-est-est friend Dwight, thank you for standing by my side ever since we were 3. You are one of the best things I hold onto in life. Thank you for not leaving me even when I wasn't really the most lovable person on Earth. :D You know I will always love you and you will always be the love of my life. To Camille, my bestfriend's girlfriend, thank you for being such a sweet and supportive friend. I love you both!!

Thank you to my girlfriends, Raiza, Nadine, Renee, Monica, Alexandra, Michelle and Lucille. And to all your boyfriends. :D Thank you for protecting me and standing by me. Thank you for loving me no matter what crazy thing I do. Thanks for always being there when I need you. You guys know me too well already and I couldn't survive all those heartbreaks without the help of all of you girlies. Sorry for always being a third-wheeler. Meow. :P

To my best friend Mariz, I don't know what to say anymore cause everything I wanted to say had already been said at your debut. :D :)) But you know I love you and despite me being a bitch to you these past weeks, I will always love you. :) And thank you for getting mad when someone hurts me. And thank you for protecting me and spoiling me with food!!!!

To my college friends, Psychology represent, this goes to all of you! Lea, thank you so much for always guiding me and for always trying to protect me from people who does nothing but hurt me. :D I know you've been telling me this ever since last sem pa and I didn't listen to you so ayun tuloy. :| :)) Hahaha but thank you besh for everything and I told you this last night at your debut, I will always be here for you and ready to help you in anyway, may it be a love problem or a math problem. ;) LOL :D

Ate Meg, thank you for my beautiful make up. You are there in almost every event of my college life and you never get tired seeing my face. Hahaha. Thank you for being such a sweet and supportive friend. Thanks for sharing your make up skills with us! And I love you dearly! <3 nbsp="" p="">

To my friends whom I don't get to see everyday but still supports me and loves me, Nicole, Janred, Ate Anina and Ate Maxine, thank you so much for always being there for me and thank you for keeping your promises that you are all just one text away!! :) You guys know me & my heart too well. :) Thank you for always giving me advises especially when I wasn't feeling really good about myself. This event was for you guys, for us to finally share a moment despite all our busy schedules. :) Janred, you've been such a good brother to me and thank you for you inspiring advices and thanks for all the support and for always guiding me on the right path to happiness and success. :)

To my OC friends, you're all to many to mention! Hahaha. Thank you all for being so supportive and for always being there when I need you. :) I love you all!

Mark Dennis, I've known you 3 years ago, you were that sweet and gentle guy who loves to keep that good old smile on my face and you haven't changed since then. Thank you for always being that malambing guy friend I always need. Thanks for protecting me and for spoiling me with all that sweetness and kindness inside of you. :)

Jenny Aguila, I don't even know how to start. I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me. :D Let me start by saying thank you for letting me borrow your clothes and sharing your very glam closet with me. :)) Thank you for being a true sister despite us not being blood related. Thank you for always making time to listen to my whines and rantings. :) and to Crom, thank you for being such a good friend not only to my brother but also to me. I will always be Tim's extra baggage that you can't get away from. :P Hahaha. Love you both!!

A big thanks to the people who's been a part of my 18 years even if you weren't there at my debut. Thank you to my other Tito's and Tita's. :)) My friends' parents, my parents' other friends and everyone else! I've been so spoiled and thank you all so much! Mostly, thanks for spoiling me with food. :p

Thank you to Dwight's family, the Tagapulot Family, Mama & Papa thank you so much for accepting me as a part of your wonderful family. Thank you for including me in all your family dinners and events. Thank you to my little sister, Princess for always being there, Kuya Cookie and everyone else in the family.. Thank you so much for opening your home to me! :)

Thank you also to Jc's Family, the grandparents, Tita Che and all the Tito's & Tita's, thank you all so much for being a part of my 16-17-half of my 18th year. :D I will always remember how good you all were to me. And I feel blessed that I've been a part of your family for quite some time. Thank you so much and God Bless you all.

Thank you to my Ninong's and Ninang's for spoiling me with gifts ever since I was a baby up until now. :)

I can't tell all of you how lucky I feel for having such wonderful people in my life. There's just too many to mention. Thank you all so much for supporting my hopes and dreams even if it's me trying my best to sing or showing off my awful dancing skills. :D A really really big thanks you to all of you, for taking the time to read this post/blog. And just for being a part of who I am. 

My deep gratitude goes to each one of you!! :)
And I hope all your sweet wishes for me will come true.

Thanks to my sponsor LNK Botiq Plus Size for all the wonderful gifts you sent me for my birthday. May your business grow more and keep inspiring people. :)

I am filled with too much love and kindness...and food everyday because of all the amazing people who loves and supports me!! :"> I promise to spread love and kindness too so I can somehow give back God's blessings. :)

Thank you again everyone and I hope God blesses you with everything that your heart desires!

"And the God of all Grace, who called you to his eternal glory to Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast." 

GOD blesses all the good people.
Thank you God.


Yay! Finally an outfit post again!
Sorry for flooding you guys with my Debut Series.
Woohoo! I'm finally 18! :)
What can I say, this week has been so good to me.
Hence the fact that my puppy got sick and we had to bring her 5 times to
the vet this week. :( But she's okay now but she's staying at my friend's house
until she gets real better. I miss her so bad already. :(

Anyway, here's what I wore to the Bad Girl RiRi's concert
last thursday night in MOA. :)
It was one of my Kuya's gift for me. He brought me to
Rihanna's concert. Sweet riiiiight! :)

This cute skirt I'm wearing was actually a gift from
 my dear friend, Jillian! :) Thank you Jill! :>

Sorry for the low quality of the photos, I look dark boohoo!
I used my brother's phone since I was scared to bring mine.
I might lose it eh! hehehe :D

Jenny and I sang our hearts out while Rihanna serenades us
with her precious voice and danced our asses off with RiRi's
powerful and energizing performances. :)
It was definitely one for the books! :>
I love you Rihanna! :)
Here's my favorite song from her album Unapologetic. :)

Hope you guys like it too! :*


Tesle 18: Debut Entrance


I went down the stairs for my Debut Entrance and I chose
the song "Out of my League" as my entrance song.
Because it's one of my all time favorite and it's really a heart warming song. :)

I really enjoyed this moment that everyone was looking at me and smiling.
I was so overwhelmed that everyone was there and I really felt complete.

This first gown I'm wearing was designed by one of my classmates from
Fashion Institute of the Philippines, Ms Lea Advincula
I love this gown because it really matched with the theme of my party and my personality too.
If you want Lea Advincula to design your gowns/dresses too, please message her

I will be posting more pictures tonight so stay tuned!!