Summer Look

Me and my good friend, Meg is very passionate about make ups. We love trying and experimenting different products that would help enhance our beauty especially this summer, because we always go out.
Today I had a mini photo shoot with Meg to showcase her great talent in putting make ups.
As you can see we used light shadows of make up so it can blend with my *sun-kissed skin*.
This look is inspired by a summer-ish theme.

It's funny how Meg can make magic using her hands. She can make people look extra beautiful just with the simple sways of her make up brushes and she's very light-handed.
I always call her whenever I have an event to attend to 
and she's my personal make up artist.

She's open to business now and you can contact her through email:

Stay tuned for more posts about make ups, fashion, 
music and anything under the sun.
Thank you for reading this post!


  1. The make up looks good. Do you want to follow each other on Bloglovin' and Blogger?

  2. I really like your hair ;) I followed you on Bloglovin, hope you'd like to follow me back ;)

  3. I love your flower headband! Did you make it yourself? I am very new to blogging and I found you on Lookbook. My little sister is very passionate about make up too she did some for my photos.

    I followed you on Blog Lovin' I hope you follow me back, let's be friends.