Ola!! :)
So this was the 2nd time that we were
asked to do Bea's hair, make up and outfit.

I was so happy and proud of what I did
to her hair because it looks elegant.
Her first dress for the night was a plain sexy
white dress. So I decided to put her hair up.
Everyone liked Bea's up-do. :)
Plus the flower crown. (look at my post here!)

Fresh look for the 1st set. :)

We also did Georgia's (girl in the left) hair and make up.
They both look stunning, don't they? :)

Change outfit for Bea. :)
I also provided her beautiful gown but
unfortunately wasn't able to take a picture of it.
Her makeup was also changed into a darker shade
so it matches with the gown. :)

Bea & Georgia looked lovely and they were
both happy with their over all look! :)
I was very happy too. :)

If you happen to need a hair & make up artist
and a fashion stylist (any event)
Please feel free to email me at: