Begin Again


Ola! Finally, an outfit post again! :)
This is a simple get up I wore when I met up with my friends last friday. :) 

Why so serious?? Hahaha. Follow me on instagram: tesletee

Top: Zara
Washed Shorts: American Eagle
Brown Belt: Mom's
Cross Gold Necklace & Skull Earrings: Mix n Match Shop
Black Sandals: Fergie

Do you guys get my title "Begin Again"? ;)

Haha. Anyway Im keeping this a short post because I need to fix stuff
for my enrollment. Ugh. Hope it wont be such a hassle like the last time. 
Good luck to everyone who'll be enrolling and may the odds
be ever in your favor. Say whut. HAHA. :))
Lets pray for a good schedule and subjects. :( 


  1. Cute outfit!!

  2. Hi ! you have a cool blog !!!! Follow back ? thanks !!!
    Maybe we can fan each other on lookbook too ?

    Kisses !