Organized Zebra


Being a girl, I always want my stuff organized.
Because I go from one place to another everyday,
I need bags that would help me keep my things in tact and in place.
Whenever I go to FIP, I bring my big bag and it's hard
because my school stuff for Lasalle is also in there.

But now I separated my Fashion Design tools. thanks to this super
fashionable and cute bag organizer!!! :) 

This bag has pockets so I can put every little thing I need there. :)
And it also looks stylish with it's Zebra print. :)
This is a big help for me since I do not have to carry a big bag
and search the things I need there like I opened the door of Narnia. :)

Thank you Shoppers' Avenue for sending me this super cute bag organizer!!
LIKE their facebook page HERE :)


World War T


In this post you'll get a glimpse of what I did today. :)

Reaching Happy Never After

As I continue to update this blog with all my outfit posts and sponsored posts, I do not want to forget the number one reason why I created this blog.. To share my innermost thoughts through creative writing. It's been a week since school started. I am, however, still trying to balance my time between studying Psychology in Lasalle, and taking up Fashion Design classes at Fashion Institute of the Philippines. I can actually say that my life is wonderful and I am pretty much occupied everyday. But it doesn't cover up those times when I feel like a crumpled up piece of paper. I have become an introvert. Instead of talking and chatting to everyone around me as the old Tesle would do, I'd rather stay silent and listen to music. I get alot of compliments everyday, people telling me how blooming I look or how different I seem after everything. Despite all these, I still feel nothing.. Not the emo kind of nothing. It's literally nothing. Like, a blank page. I don't know how I've become like this, because it's not the usual me. Or maybe this is a new me? I really don't know. So please don't be surprised if you see me alone, because that is by choice. Hahaha. Everyday, an awkward moment happens to me. And it's like, all those little awkward moment was meant to happen. It's crazy. Like some scene in an old movie. Considering everything that happened to me, I've come to realize that there is no such thing as a happy ending. There is, however, a new beginning. :) Insert song "Payphone" by Maroon 5 ;)

Starbucks Shangri La Mall

Side Story: I got stranded in Shang because it rained so hard last friday
and it was so hard to hail a cab. So I decided to stay in Shang for awhile.
Just my luck, my iPhone's battery died and I needed to charge,
good thing the barista in Starbucks Shang was so nice, he assisted me. ;)
*Plus he's a cutie. Hehehe :p*
I sat beside a couple who was kind enough to share their table
with me since the place was crowded and I was alone so yeah. :))

Happy Lemon in Shangri La Mall

Side Story: I was waiting for my brother to pick me up from FIP.
But he was stuck in traffic so I went to Shang alone.
I was trying to avoid the couples on their date night
so I decided to have a drink in Happy Lemon. :D
It was such a wrong move because couples suddenly sat beside me.
Hugging and holding each other's hands. LOL
I was trapped between two different couples. :))
I didn't know what to do so I just drew some sketches there
until I finished my cup of tea. :)

Ps. I don't hate love. :p I just hate the idea of being alone and the like.


Summer No More


Ola! :) This was my outfit when I went shopping with my brothers.
It was the first time the three of us went out alone.
And I actually had a good time! :)

Tesle at TeleTech

Ola!! So last thursday, after school, I got invited to visit
TeleTech's office (Robinson Cainta Branch)
When I went there, everyone was so nice to me.
And it was so comfortable there. :)

Pon De Replay

Outfit Peg: Bad Girl RiRi :)
Hahaha I've always loved Rihanna.
I love her strong and wild attitude. 
Especially now that she looks hotter than ever!

Crazy about love

I had an intense, fun and adventure-filled day today.
I'll be sharing that in my next post. But anyway,
when I went home there were 3 packages waiting for me.

I felt so happy upon opening every parcel. :)

Cute Bracelets and a Sail Coin Purse from: Love2shoppe08

Thank you so much love2shoppe08!! I love them all!! :-)
Really gonna use this everyday. Hihi. They're all so cute!

Thank you so much Sir Con for these!! :-)
*Meron pang stress relief na lotion, perfect for me talaga!
Pampawala ng stress! Hihi :)*

And I also have a new top I will be blogging about it soon!!
It was from Swimsuit Valley!
They sell cute and affordable tops, bottoms, dresses, bags and swimsuits!
Perfect for ladies like me who loves to dress up and look fab!

Credits to the person who owns this photo. ;)

It has been tough these past few days but having gifts like these,
makes me feel loved and appreciated. :)
Thank you so much everyone!!!
My Enchanted Escape and I loves you all so much!!
I know you all want me to be okay. And...

Thanks to:
Instagram Shops
- @cherie_dee
- @fabforfashione
- @swimsuit_valley
- @love2shoppe08
- @ombreclothingx

A Little Bit of Heaven

Today, a sweet package was delivered to our house.
Literally. :D It was a box full of Cake Poppers. :)
I've mentioned before that I am really a sweet tooth.
I love pancakes, waffles, cupcakes and the like.
Eating is my stress reliever. :)  
That is why I really loved this package!

Things To-Do

  • Enroll at FIP
  • Go shopping for school stuff
  • Eat at Bon Chon & Kamayan (because Im such a loser and I've never tried them before)
  • Pack all my things and go back to Antip
  • Reunite with my highschool friends for one last time before we all get busy again
  • Visit Glam Nail Studio & Spa to have my nails done (my nails are so long already and the polish had chipped off haha)
  • Have my iPhone backed up (although this is going to be the hardest task since my phone is backed up at my ex' laptop so yeah plus I dont wanna back it up to another laptop cause I'll lose all my data here ftw)
  • Visit a hair salon to have a treatment for my kulots. (hehehe)
  • Fix body clock (sleep early haha)
  • Finish the book The Fault in Our Stars
I think that is all I need to do before school starts on the 13th! :) I'm having mixed emotions right now because I dont wanna go back to Antipolo yet. :( My life here has been so cool and quiet. I dont know if I'm ready to face yet another year of stress, sleepless nights and intense studying hours. But anyway, do I have a choice? Hahaha :)) 

Goodluck to all of us! Hope this school year will be better than last year!

Everything Has Changed


I had to wake up extra early today because I had a short meeting with a
store owner who gave me some samples of her items. :) She was really nice and cute.
And I love the clothes that she gave me from her online shop. :)
I will be blogging about it soon so make sure to watch out for that.

Of Monsters and Men


So I've been obsessing with this song for months now.
It's my perk me up song and every time I play this song it can ALWAYS make me dance.
It's a cool and hip song from Of Monsters and Men. :)

Not blind anymore

This post is not meant to rant or whine about what Im feeling right now. Because honestly, I don't even feel sad anymore. Rather, I feel hopeful. Hopeful that good things are yet to come. And I feel excited for it. Im excited that I am now opening new doors in my life. The doors that I kept close before because I got caught up in the moment of a romantic attachment. Right now my aim is to do better than I already am. I feel inspired to do the things I haven't done before. To achieve the dreams that I lost and to be with the people I never got the chance to be with before. This is my moment to fly. The moment to actually be human, to enjoy life, to be happy with my own self and not with anyone else. This is my time to think and do the things I've always wanted to do. The time to change. To be better. To love more.  And to achieve the goals that I buried deep in the ground because I always thought I'd never be able to do them. I wanna share the quote I read last night saying that: "If you can dream it, you can do it." :) I believe that God will always help those who's been hurt the most. Make them humble and purely obedient to His will. :)

(Credits to the one who posted this picture on tumblr. Whoever you are, thank you.)

I promise to do things only for myself and not for anyone else. I promise to always look at the brighter side and to always believe in the good plans of God. I promise to never settle less than what I truly deserve. I promise to grab all the chances that I have, to smile to the people who stayed, and maybe smile to the people who left. :)  I promise to strive harder. And lastly, I promise to love myself more than I could ever love anybody else. I'm keeping those promises. Whatever it takes. :)

The Moment I Knew


"The Moment I Knew" Another song from Taylor Swift.
If you guys haven't noticed, I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan!
Haha. I listen to her songs while Im blogging so that is why 
my blog titles are mostly the titles of her songs. :)