A Little Bit of Heaven

Today, a sweet package was delivered to our house.
Literally. :D It was a box full of Cake Poppers. :)
I've mentioned before that I am really a sweet tooth.
I love pancakes, waffles, cupcakes and the like.
Eating is my stress reliever. :)  
That is why I really loved this package!

We ate this right away and it really tasted like heaven! :)
I also love how colorful the cake poppers are!!
*Parang life ko hehehe*

Thank you so much MY HEAVENLY DESSERTS
for sending me these comfort food!!
I felt so much better after eating these!
Thank you for making me happy!

I love this shop so much. :-)

Cute Bracelets from: Love2shoppe08

Please excuse my weird looking eyes.
You know those days when a bad day eats you up all you
wanna do is cry? Yeah. That's what it is. Haha.
But anyway, I feel okay now. It was a bad day,
not a bad life. :)

Lovin the top from: Swimsuit Valley
I have more posts coming up tonight!!
So stay tuned guys!
Love you all!

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