Crazy about love

I had an intense, fun and adventure-filled day today.
I'll be sharing that in my next post. But anyway,
when I went home there were 3 packages waiting for me.

I felt so happy upon opening every parcel. :)

Cute Bracelets and a Sail Coin Purse from: Love2shoppe08

Thank you so much love2shoppe08!! I love them all!! :-)
Really gonna use this everyday. Hihi. They're all so cute!

Thank you so much Sir Con for these!! :-)
*Meron pang stress relief na lotion, perfect for me talaga!
Pampawala ng stress! Hihi :)*

And I also have a new top I will be blogging about it soon!!
It was from Swimsuit Valley!
They sell cute and affordable tops, bottoms, dresses, bags and swimsuits!
Perfect for ladies like me who loves to dress up and look fab!

Credits to the person who owns this photo. ;)

It has been tough these past few days but having gifts like these,
makes me feel loved and appreciated. :)
Thank you so much everyone!!!
My Enchanted Escape and I loves you all so much!!
I know you all want me to be okay. And...

Thanks to:
Instagram Shops
- @cherie_dee
- @fabforfashione
- @swimsuit_valley
- @love2shoppe08
- @ombreclothingx

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