Everything Has Changed


I had to wake up extra early today because I had a short meeting with a
store owner who gave me some samples of her items. :) She was really nice and cute.
And I love the clothes that she gave me from her online shop. :)
I will be blogging about it soon so make sure to watch out for that.

This is what Im wearing today. I actually wanted to stay outside 
and feel the heat and fresh air
but Im just feeling a little lazy and I wanna blog. :)

Awkward posing because this was just outside our house and Im so shy
because some neighbors are looking at me. Hahaha

Fedora Hat: Borrowed from my Brother
Charm Bracelet/Watch: Fossil
Brown Flats: Parisian

I don't really wear hats but my Dad and my brother loves collecting them.
So I tried pairing this hat with this cute mini dress. :)
Also, I was searching some photos of Taylor Swift and
I saw a picture of her with a black fedora hat. Hihi.

Hope you guys are having a good day!!
Do you like my (trying hard) mermaid hair? Hihi

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