Not blind anymore

This post is not meant to rant or whine about what Im feeling right now. Because honestly, I don't even feel sad anymore. Rather, I feel hopeful. Hopeful that good things are yet to come. And I feel excited for it. Im excited that I am now opening new doors in my life. The doors that I kept close before because I got caught up in the moment of a romantic attachment. Right now my aim is to do better than I already am. I feel inspired to do the things I haven't done before. To achieve the dreams that I lost and to be with the people I never got the chance to be with before. This is my moment to fly. The moment to actually be human, to enjoy life, to be happy with my own self and not with anyone else. This is my time to think and do the things I've always wanted to do. The time to change. To be better. To love more.  And to achieve the goals that I buried deep in the ground because I always thought I'd never be able to do them. I wanna share the quote I read last night saying that: "If you can dream it, you can do it." :) I believe that God will always help those who's been hurt the most. Make them humble and purely obedient to His will. :)

(Credits to the one who posted this picture on tumblr. Whoever you are, thank you.)

I promise to do things only for myself and not for anyone else. I promise to always look at the brighter side and to always believe in the good plans of God. I promise to never settle less than what I truly deserve. I promise to grab all the chances that I have, to smile to the people who stayed, and maybe smile to the people who left. :)  I promise to strive harder. And lastly, I promise to love myself more than I could ever love anybody else. I'm keeping those promises. Whatever it takes. :)

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