Of Monsters and Men


So I've been obsessing with this song for months now.
It's my perk me up song and every time I play this song it can ALWAYS make me dance.
It's a cool and hip song from Of Monsters and Men. :)

Here's my favorite song from them! :)
Song Title: Little Talks

While I was checking my Facebook, I saw that Of Monsters and Men's
"My head is an animal" is now available in all record stores nationwide.
Oh gahd. Isn't that amazing?? :) It's also available in iTunes. So for all the Apple users like me, 
make sure to purchase "My head is an animal" album on iTunes!!! :)
I've always been a huge fan of music. If you are a reader of my old blog (which got deleted last March)
I posted some of my favorite songs there. Anyway, I really love music and it inspires me
to wake up and have fun everyday. :) I can honestly say that music is my bestfriend. :)

I'm updated with all the bands and musicians because I always check the MCAMusic Page.
So if you guys wanna be updated about music too, like MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines)
HERE! ;)
And if you like Of Monsters and Men too, like their page
HERE! :)
I'm so inlove with them! I hope I'll be able to watch them if ever they'll have a concert here in MNL!
I LOVE YOU Of Monsters and Men: "My head is an animal"
Hope you guys like their songs too! :)
Have a goodnight!

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