Tesle at TeleTech

Ola!! So last thursday, after school, I got invited to visit
TeleTech's office (Robinson Cainta Branch)
When I went there, everyone was so nice to me.
And it was so comfortable there. :)

TeleTech has been around for almost 30 years and they've become
one of the best companies that provides alot of good services worldwide.
They help more than 1000 companies around the world.

I was the first blogger who got invited to visit one of their branches.
I was overwhelmed that they chose me to advertise their company.

If you wish to have a career with TeleTech, feel free to browse

Please do visit TeleTech's Official Website for more info
HERE!! :)



  1. I always dream of working in a call center. Do Teletech accept students as part time workers?



  2. Hello Audrey, we do have part time jobs available. However, we don't accept students due to conflicting schedules :)

    If you have friends who are also interested to apply, they can check out www.TeleTechJobs.com.

    Thank you!