The Moment I Knew


"The Moment I Knew" Another song from Taylor Swift.
If you guys haven't noticed, I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan!
Haha. I listen to her songs while Im blogging so that is why 
my blog titles are mostly the titles of her songs. :)
Moving on (double meaning haha :p) to my outfit..
I wore this floral pants when I went to Lasalle couple of days ago
to enroll. :) I love wearing maxi skirts and pants.
I feel so comfortable in it and I can just move freely.
Plus, it's allowed in my school since we have
a strict dress code. :) I should buy more maxi skirts & pants!!

Please excuse my photos. I didn't have time to edit them in iPhoto today.
Im so tired because of dancing and I have so many things to do since
I am planning to study in a Fashion School but I will tell you
guys more about it when everything is sure.

Some of my photos were taken and edited by my good friend, Jizelle Sabaulan

Top: Zara
Floral Pants: NY Square
Watch: Casio Vintage Watch
White Sunnies: Blogger's Bazaar
Headband: Girlshoppe
Gold Earrings: Mix n Match Shop

I edited this picture in my phone. Haha.
My hair is still straight because these pictures were taken few days
before I had my hair perm-ed. :)
I think I look so fresh in this outfit. Very simple and girly. :)
What do you think?

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