Things To-Do

  • Enroll at FIP
  • Go shopping for school stuff
  • Eat at Bon Chon & Kamayan (because Im such a loser and I've never tried them before)
  • Pack all my things and go back to Antip
  • Reunite with my highschool friends for one last time before we all get busy again
  • Visit Glam Nail Studio & Spa to have my nails done (my nails are so long already and the polish had chipped off haha)
  • Have my iPhone backed up (although this is going to be the hardest task since my phone is backed up at my ex' laptop so yeah plus I dont wanna back it up to another laptop cause I'll lose all my data here ftw)
  • Visit a hair salon to have a treatment for my kulots. (hehehe)
  • Fix body clock (sleep early haha)
  • Finish the book The Fault in Our Stars
I think that is all I need to do before school starts on the 13th! :) I'm having mixed emotions right now because I dont wanna go back to Antipolo yet. :( My life here has been so cool and quiet. I dont know if I'm ready to face yet another year of stress, sleepless nights and intense studying hours. But anyway, do I have a choice? Hahaha :)) 

Goodluck to all of us! Hope this school year will be better than last year!

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  1. Fix body clock, that's a hard thing to do....