World War T


In this post you'll get a glimpse of what I did today. :)

OOTD (Outfit of the day)
Black Maxi Dress: Topshop
Blue Sleeveless Polo: Uniqlo
Hat: Topman
Bag: Victoria's Secret

I had a good time in class today.
We had a film viewing about Vogue,
it really inspired me. Everything was so beautiful.

After lunch, my classmates from Basic FD invited me
to join them in their Basic Pattern Making Class since
I kinda felt lazy to attend my Basic Sewing Class. :D

My brother fetched me from school and
he invited me to watch a movie with him. :)
We went to the food expo in Podium first, and I really
had a great time there. :) So many good finds. ;)

I got myself 2 slices of brownies. :p

That is my not-so-twin brother getting us a sandwich in Subway.

You guys should try Subway in Podium. Their sandwiches are to die for!!

It's fun in Subway because you get to "customize" your sandwich. ;)

We passed by the magazine stand and I got myself a Teen Vogue Magazine.

Accidentally matched outfits with my twin :)
We watched the World War Z and it was amazing.
I love Brad Pitt, Im a huge fan because
he is such a family man and he's my dream guy.
HAHAHA but going back, the movie was
incredible. :) It has a great story. And ending. :)

I also went to Bestsellers in Podium to buy new stuff for my FD class. :)
Thank you Shoppers' Avenue for sending me this Zebra tote bag!
Perfect for my fashion design and sewing tools!! :)

Hope you guys (somehow) enjoyed this post!! :)
I am so tired and I will catch up on my favorite tv series, Awkward :)
Goodnight everyone!!

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Be organized and order your own now! :)

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  1. I love your outfit. You have such an interesting daily life. The matching outfits, that's cute.