All About Food: June

All About Food: June

New portion on my blog: All About Food

My favorite, GIGI Cupcakes
Which you can buy in Eastwood ;)

GIGI's Red velvet cupcake matched with TWG tea
TWG Tea Salon & Boutique is located in Greenbelt 5 :)

Went gaga over this yummy cookie butter
which you can buy in The Blue Kitchen :)

Cookie Butter is best paired with Oreo Cookies and home made pancakes. :)

Chili's in Greenhills

Chili's will surely satisfy your burger cravings. :)

My favorite, Happy Lemon in Greenhills

Peri-Peri in Megamall

My Light Platter

They have the best lemon grass chicken :)

Shakey's Thin Crust Pizza

Went to the Food Expo in Podium and bought
2 slices of this deliciously made brownies from Bucky's

Another lunch at Peri-Peri in Megamall

Quesadillas :)

Beautifully cooked chicken in Peri-Peri

My favorite J.Co Doughnuts

Potato Marbles topped with Mushroom, Corn, Green Peas & Carrots

Home Made Pasta, Baked Marbles, and bread stick

Another box of my favorite GIGI Cupcakes
A box of my favorite chocolates, Kitkat :)

Did you guys enjoyed this post? I hope so! Because I certainly did!
I promise to post more photos about the food I eat every month.
So stay tuned!! :)

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