Learn to love Rainy Days

Rainy BW set

Summer is over and it's that time of the year again. The time when
everyone would love to stay in bed and feel the cold air. It's rainy season.
And for what I have experienced these past weeks, it is really hard
to be fashionable and stylish when the rain is always sabotaging your outfits.
So I've come up with this post that would remind us girls what we need to bring and wear
(and do) in this rainy season. :)

  1. Always, wear comfortable clothes. Since we cannot predict the weather, we should always be ready because sometimes the weather is unbearably hot then it will rain so hard in the afternoon. It's always better to be prepared, so wear comfortable clothes like pants and top. Don't forget to bring a coat, blazer or jacket because they're not just for fashion statement. It can also help you endure the cold and shelter your body from the rain. Plus, it will help you save your outfit from getting wet. ;) So always remember to grab your coat/blazer/jacket before you leave the house, you're gonna need it anytime of the day. :)
  2. Umbrella. We all need one, don't we? ;) Wherever I go, I always bring an umbrella with me because I travel from one place to another, usually by the use of public transportation. Whether you're a commuter or not, having an umbrella is a must! There are 2 kinds of umbrella that you can bring: The golf umbrella, it's big and can be a good protection from either the sun or the rain.  The foldable umbrella which you can easily bring anywhere because it can fit in your bag. :) Tip: Make sure your umbrella is strong enough to survive the windy storms! :)
  3. Waterproof Makeup. It's such a hassle when you're all fresh and prepared for a day out then a heavy rain washes your make up off. And we wouldn't want that right? So make sure to invest in good quality water proof makeups. :) You can always use them any time of the year not just for the rainy season but also for summer!! :)
  4. Wear flats. Trust me, I am a huge fan of heels. But it's really harmful to wear them when it's rainy. They can cause accidents because the ground will be slippery. If you love wearing heels, might as well bring flats just incase it rains. You can always change your shoes. :) And flats can always help you get through your day. :)
  5.  Love the rainy days. I know how hard it is to cope up with the rainy season, but all we can do is learn to love it and play along. :) There are a lot of garments, accessories and outfits that would best fit in this season. :) And this is also the perfect time to hang out in the nearby coffee shops, you'll never know you maybe lucky enough to sit next to a cutie. ;)
Hope this somehow helped you guys out!! :)

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