SM Just Delivered Jeans


Today I watched the SM Just Delivered Jeans Show in Megamall :> 

I was with my twin brother and my guy friend and they really got some 
inspiration upon choosing the right jeans for them. :)

I enjoyed the show because it was my first time to watch a Men's Wear Show. :)

We were in the back stage so my pictures aren't that good :(

As to what I have witnessed, the show was well planned and arranged.
I love all the garments and the styling. :)

All the models were so hot :) Hehehe :p

The event was hosted by the sexy Shamcey Supsup
who was also wearing a beautifully fitted jeans. :)

Having a pair of jeans in your closet is a must.
It's classic and versatile.
Now SM Dept Store offers a wide variety of beautifully made jeans.
For men and women. :) It comes in different styles and colors.
Just make sure you get yourself a right fit! :)

It was a great show and I think everyone enjoyed it.
Check out SM Just Delivered Jeans in all SM Dept. Stores Nationwide! :)


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  1. That's so cool!