Smile Today, Cry Tomorrow


 I woke up earlier than usual this morning. I had all the time I needed to prepare an outfit and to fix everything. :) I was surprisingly feeling fresh and happy this morning. I don't know why. :>

All we did in class today was paint and paint and paint. And I had so much fun. 
Despite the fact that I am the worst when it comes to being creative and all that. :D
I wasn't able to finish my sewing class project though. :( 

This is one of the most comfy outfit I've ever worn. :)
The skater skirt was just so flowy and it follows my every move.

Another shameless selfie :>
Today I used a Mary Kay Creme Lipstick 
Shade: Amber Suede

After our Fashion Design Class, with my hopefully-soon to be- business partner &
good friend Patrick Lazol :)

Elevator shot with my fab friend Rhon and Pat :)

Lunch at Megamall with the gang. Insert song *Na sayo na ang lahat*

I ended up sketching alone in Happy Lemon since all of them has plans after lunch.
Aaahh my happy place :"> Being alone isn't really that bad. I got the time to shop and buy everything I need again. :) A lot of people are telling me that I live a very fabulous life and that I always get everything I want. But my life is not really all glitz and glamour. It's more of being contented and happy with whatever life hands me. I have been through so much already and I feel like I deserve every little good thing that I have in my life right now. :)

Thank you for reading this post!
Have a good saturday night everyone! :)

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