BFF at 18


So my best-est-est friend Mariz had her 18th birthday celebration
last thursday, August 08 :) It was a traditional debut party.
She had her cotillion and stuff. :)) I was part of the 18 wines
and I got the chance to speak for less than 10 mins. Hehe ;)

Suit up with my twin! :)

I am such an awkward-mermaid-wanna be person :)

Being our usual selves :)

With my best friend/lover for life, Dwight :)

The last time I saw these three, all dressed and suited up was in our Senior Prom :(

My beautiful party girls, plus my piggy bank :)

Everyone had a blast :) It was indeed a memorable night! :*

Ps. Thank you Kuya Mico Almazan for the photos. Grabbed from Jizel Sabaulan's album. ;)

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  1. Great pics!

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