Fourth ;)


This is what I wore when we did our photoshoot today.
I'll be posting the pictures from our shoot after 2 weeks! (Hopefully)

Top: Bangkok
Shorts: SM Dept. Store
Long White Socks: Sm Dept. Store
Booties: Forever 21

I know this is another shameless selfie and I am deeply sorry.
But I just have to post this because I love my make up for today.
Thanks to my beautiful and talented friend, Meg Garvilles! :)
If you wanna hire her as your HMUA please contact me thru email. :)

It was a fun shoot but I feel so exhausted. :(
Luckily I still have the energy to blog.
I keep listening to The Script all day and it inspires me to finish all
the work that has to be done by the end of this week. :))
Even when we were taking photos earlier, I was playing The Script songs
to help me. :) And I think it was effective. :)

Hope you guys would listen to this song! :>
Maybe then you'll get my blog post title :D


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  1. Your make up looks great!