Halfway Dead

Olala! :) I know it's late but I'm still trying to keep myself up
just so I can give you guys an update. :D

This week has been filled with ups and downs for me. I've been so busy with school, finishing my sketches for Fashion Design, catching up with everyone and planning "things" for the month of September!! :) I feel the pressure and stress all over me. I am also feeling a bit sad because I watched the last episode of 90210 Season 5 last tuesday night and it ended well. I just can't believe it ended like that. :( I don't wanna spoil of course but old flames burned again and well, you know what happens when old flames burn for the second time right. It actually made me cry. I am so crazy with american series and I just don't know how to live without them. I mean, Gossip Girl has the biggest influence in my life and it ended. Then I had 90210, One Tree Hill, Vampire Diaries and Hart of Dixie. Am I the only one here who's gaga over these series??! :))

I get really affected in everything that surrounds me, yeah I am that sensitive. This week I felt so confused again (and for the nth time) I mean, it happens right? Everyone has their own share of awful/bad days. 
90210 pictures/quotes I found from Google (credits to the respective owners)

And since we're talking about 90210 here, and all about friends (i-push na connected 'yan) Last thursday night, my bestfriend celebrated her 18th birthday party. It was such a blast!! Everyone surely had a great time. :) Although alot of "weird" things happened, which I do not want to talk about any further, everything still went well. :) It was one of the best nights of my life. :) And hoping for more nights like that. :) I have so many videos of us dancing in my phone but apparently I cannot edit them right now cause I don't know what happened to my iphone but someone's pictures has been automatically saved there. So I have no choice but to manually delete all of it. :( I wonder why destiny (or whatever is out there for me) is doing this, I mean, man, out of all the friends that I have.. Why... Just why. Hahahaha. Now I'm not sure if they've been receiving/seeing my pictures and files too. I'm getting paranoid over here! Hahaha. Well so much for this paranoia. :D

Just another shameless/wacky or whatever-you-can-call-that selfie at Blenz Coffee

I'm happy because I got to eat and buy everything I need again!! :)
Plus someone gave me a Mary Kay Make up. Hehehe :)
I feel so extremely blessed. :)
I really want to blurt out everything here in my blog but I just...can't!
  1. It's late.
  2. Long stories
  3. My family can see this
  4. The last thing I need right now is to embarass myself and get myself into trouble :D
Let's just say that my life hasn't become any less boring since May 07 2013 :)
And I am so ready to face my everyday with a stronger heart and wider smile. :p I know I've been going out too much lately, pushing some people away (and by that I mean all the suitors that I had boo me I know. And Im sorry!!!! PS, I HAVE AN EXPLANATION FOR THAT OKAY.) But well, it happens..

aka, ME :D

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