Tesle 18: The White Roses


It's a tradition for the debutante to dance with the 18 special guys in her life.
My mom and I chose to have 18 white roses instead of the common
red roses just 'cause I feel like white is more pure and gentle.

Here's the list of the guys I danced with during my debut:
  1. Daddy (ofcourse, the first person who taught me how to stand up and walk literally and figuratively hehe)
  2. The Grandfather
  3. The Awesomest! (mastermind of all this, i love you!)
  4. My Little Boo Boo (My forever frenemy! :D)
  5. Cousin (Another frenemy :D)
  6. My Tito (who's only 3 or 4 years older than me)
  7. The supposed to be Brother ;)
  8. My bestfriend's boyfriend (which happens to be my close friend & my dad's favorite too)
  9. The "Older Brother" (Close friend/Classmate from La Salle)
  10. The "Bebe Boy" (Close friend from La Salle)
  11. Brotherly Love (Highschool Friend)
  12. The  Adviser (My close friend from UAP)
  13. Piggy Bank (My college bestfriend/classmate from La Salle)
  14. The Sweet Best Guy Friend (Close highschool & college friend)
  15. The Supporter (My college friend, OC represent)
  16. The Funny One (Another college friend, OC represent)
  17. Some one very dear to my heart ;)
  18. The best friend of my life (childhood bestfriend)
I'm very happy that all of the most important guys in my life right now was there to celebrate the big night with me. They all mean the world to me and honestly I don't think I'd become like this if not for each and everyone of them who contributed a lot to the person that I have become. 

Let me take this opportunity to thank these boys in my life, for guiding me, being there for me, protecting me, caring for me and loving me despite all the flaws, wrong decisions, craziness and mistakes that I've had and done in the past. Thank you for spending the special night with me and dancing with me as I sway through maturity and adulthood. I wish that as I continue living, I'd still have all of you in my life. And still have each of you beside me. :)

Ps. I have videos of the whole 18 white roses and I shall ask a friend to edit it for me so you guys can watch it too. But as for now, here's a photo video of my 18 white roses. Enjoy! :)

And please stay tuned for more posts about my Big Night! :)

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