Yay! Finally an outfit post again!
Sorry for flooding you guys with my Debut Series.
Woohoo! I'm finally 18! :)
What can I say, this week has been so good to me.
Hence the fact that my puppy got sick and we had to bring her 5 times to
the vet this week. :( But she's okay now but she's staying at my friend's house
until she gets real better. I miss her so bad already. :(

Anyway, here's what I wore to the Bad Girl RiRi's concert
last thursday night in MOA. :)
It was one of my Kuya's gift for me. He brought me to
Rihanna's concert. Sweet riiiiight! :)

This cute skirt I'm wearing was actually a gift from
 my dear friend, Jillian! :) Thank you Jill! :>

Sorry for the low quality of the photos, I look dark boohoo!
I used my brother's phone since I was scared to bring mine.
I might lose it eh! hehehe :D

Jenny and I sang our hearts out while Rihanna serenades us
with her precious voice and danced our asses off with RiRi's
powerful and energizing performances. :)
It was definitely one for the books! :>
I love you Rihanna! :)
Here's my favorite song from her album Unapologetic. :)

Hope you guys like it too! :*


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