The Come Back

Hey you guys!! I know it's been a long hiatus and Im very sorry. 
I've been so busy with everything after my debut and 
didn't have time to use the computer. :( Boo me. :( 
Well anyway, here's a comeback outfit post for all of you guys!! :) 

(The weather was really hot and it was hard for me to look at the camera)

(My photographer told me to walk in the middle of the road like 
Im a model in a runway so yeah :D)

Blazer: Topshop
Washed/Torned Jeans: Greenhills
Clutch: Eye For Class
Necklace: SM Dept. Store
Heels: Parisian

Thank you for visiting my blog even when I don't get to update it much na. :)
And I promise to tell you guys about my adventures these past couple of months soon!
Love you all! :*

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