Soul's Day

Yay for November 1st post! :)
Today my brothers and I went for a long jogging sesh

I was never the sporty one among the family.
I'm more of the I-wanna-eat-everything kind of girl. :D
But my brother promised that he would treat me to a food truck located 
in this certain place after we go jogging so I said yes. ;)

It's so nice here, kinda reminds me of the movie 500 days of Summer :)

I was so tired and felt like I was going to pass out anytime! :(

Shoes: Nike

I sat here while my brothers were still jogging alone and thought about the song 
Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

I think it's bagay with the ambiance of this place. :)

We went jogging all the way to Kapitolyo, Pasig to look for a nice restaurant where we can have dinner. I used this application in my phone where I can locate nearby restaurants and cafes. But unfortunately, almost all the restaurants are closed even the food truck since it's All Soul's Day today. Then the rain poured and we had to run so fast and look for a place where we can stay for awhile since we didn't bring an umbrella.

And that led us to Lia's Cakes in Season :)

Ofcourse I ordered my favorite Red Velvet Cupcake!

So inviting!!! :)

Blueberry Cupcake :)

Baked Chicken Empanada

(Healthy living kuno :D) Aligue Pasta :)

Banana Caramel Cake :)


Hahaha. This night was such an adventure and I also had fun bonding with my brothers. It's been a long time that my brothers and I bonded like this and I pray for more adventures like this (minus the jogging part sana! lol)

Hope you guys are having a fun friday night too! :)
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Thanks everyone and Goodnight!

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