In love with black and white now.. Is this a good bye to sassy and girly outfits?



I am really loving this Razer front top from the Instagram Shop: Unnieshoppe

Edge on Gray


I think it's time for a twist of maturity and a better edge on my outfit photos.

14 Four Cafe Photo Diary


12.12.14 Adventure.. My friends and I are on a hunt for new restaurants to try..

Another enchanting place for my Enchanted Escape. This place is really a treasure! Since it's quite hard to find this place (if you are not familiar around Taytay)

Tesle x My Heavenly Desserts


Mood For Pastel And Lace


Happy Sunday Morning!!

Calm Before The Storm


Vintage-y inspired outfit for today!

Beauty Items from @prelovedbymeonlineshop


I'm not really OC when it comes to my skin. But I admit being super arte with germs and other stuff. Sometimes I feel like my boyfriend gets really annoyed about it. Hahaha I really don't have any routine at night to take care of my skin. I just wash my face using whatever soap I feel like using (most of them are from Blogger Mails and I love trying them out) and then I'd brush my teeth, put some petrolium jelly on my rashes or mosquito bites, and that's it!! I rarely use toner and stuff because I usually sleep late at night and I just wanna crash into my bed and rest. But now I've been trying to get healthier skin since I have been receiving tons of beauty supplies. And I literally love them all.

An Instagram Shop @prelovedbymeonlineshop sent me these cute beauty items from their store. And they all smell incredibly nice!! :) I am so excited to use them. Here's what I got:
  • Alpha Arbutin Soap
  • Sweet Pink Massage Gel Tofu Facial Wash
  • Underarm White Cream
If you guys aren't really familiar about the Alpha Arbutin Soap, well I've done my research about it (since I get to do a lot of researching nowadays, being a psychology student) It can actually help to remove dark spots and it lightens dark skin really fast. It helps whiten skin if you use it for about 2-3months. I've read some articles saying that some researchers conducted a study about it and has proven that Arbutin Soap is safe to use and it is definitely effective. It also helps replace dead cells on your skin and it moisturize it as well. But we all have different skin type so I suggest try it on your hands first for seven consecutive days to be sure it doesn't have any effect for you. :)

But I am definitely going for these products. Might as well start trying them tonight!! :)

You can buy yours just follow @prelovedbymeonlineshop on Instagram and check out their products!!
Alpha Arbutin Soap costs 120php
Sweet Pink Massage Gel Tofu Facial Wash costs 120php
Under Arm White Cream costs 80php


Things I learned at Nineteen


Today I've been reflecting on how this year 2014 went by so fast and I realized...

Product Review: Belo Intensive Whitening Soap


Here's my product of the week from SampleRoom PH

Belo Intensive Whitening Bar

I like this soap because it's not too hard on my skin. And it is really effective. But it lasted for only 9-10 days and I need more. :( I am definitely going to buy this product again because it's from Belo and it's really impressive. But I just got one tip for you, do not stay under the sun for a long period of time while using this soap or else you might get darker. I recommend this product for people who have tons of budget for their skin and would love to get whiter. :) This is a good soap for you. It has acid content but it doesn't really burn or hurt your skin. Maybe at your first try but in my case, my skin got used to it immediately and I somehow got fairer skin.

If you have any comments, suggestions or reactions please comment below
or tweet me @tesletee :)


A Sweet Ending With Cadbury


 Nuffnang x Cadbury:

The Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 1 Movie Screening


Another Special Screening Event organized by Nuffnang in partnership with Cadbury!!
I'd like to say that this is one of my favorite events. I've been invited twice this year and it's really fun!
It was definitely a sweet treat for me because I have always been a fan of The Hunger Games.
I got extremely excited when I found out I'm gonna be a part of this special screening.
And the fact that Cadbury was the one who sponsored the event was thrilling!!

They never fail to make all of us have fun and enjoy the whole night.
Before the movie, we had a little program, question & answer, bring me game and a raffle!! :)
They also have a booth outside the cinema that automatically print out your instagram photos, you just have to use the hashtag #CadburySweetEndings. It's so cool!!

Of course, during the event they explained and shared to us their newest and latest flavors.
We were asked what Team we want to be in during the contest and I chose #TeamChocolateMousse because it's my favorite flavor. :) But I can't help but doubt my decision after I have tried The French Vanilla because it tastes really good as well. Haha. Now I'm torn between being on the side of #TeamChocolateMousse or switching to #TeamFrenchVanilla :)

I am so undecided because they're both great in their own ways. :)
And why wouldn't they be? They're made with rich milk chocolate with a twist of French inspired flavors.

Here's the video that kept playing in my head while eating a bar of Cadbury.
Watch this and you'll see what I'm talking about! ;)

The event itself was amazing because I got to watch one of the movies I've been waiting for so loooong plus I got plenty of Cadbury Dairy Milk which definitely gave me a sweet ending!! It was truly such a delightful and amazing experience! :) I've literally been giving sweet smiles to everyone, maybe that's one of the sweet things I've gotten from eating Cadbury Dairy Milk! :) Sweetness overloads in my mouth. :) I cannot contain my happiness! *flying hearts and more flying hearts*

Boxes of Cadbury Dairy Milk were given away at the end of the movie! 
WHAT A SWEEEEET ENDING! *insert hearts, hearts and more hearts for Cadbury & Nuffnang*

I am really lovin' the French inspired flavors, and how every bite of it can make me feel like I'm in a romantic place in Paris!! :) It's a blissful happiness to feel the rich and creamy French Vanilla flavor melt in your mouth. Even just ripping the cover makes my mouth water already!! :) 

No more bad days for me because every bar of the Cadbury Dairy Milk 
can really turn my mood into a good one!! :) I guess all of you are aware of how much I love sweets, chocolates & more sweets :p That is why I am really grateful to Cadbury for giving me so many chocolate bars that I can enjoy anytime of the day!

If you're wondering why I chose Chocolate Mousse 
over the French Vanilla flavor during the contest..
Here's why, it's because the Chocolate Mousse is covered with delicious milk chocolate and it's my favorite flavor of all time!! :p Every bite reminds me of the first time a guy kissed me on the cheek after a night out, in the front of our door step.. :) Such a sweet sweet sweet ending!! :)

These New Flavors are sold for only 180pesos. :)
A hundred and eighty pesos for such a sweet & wonderful ending in every bite? 
Try these new flavors now and tell me if you're on #TeamChocolateMousse or #TeamFrenchVanilla
And maybe you can help me pick which team I should be in! ;)

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog post and my Cadbury Experience.
Thanks again to Nuffnang & Cadbury for the wonderful experience! 
It's really an unforgettable one!
Thank you for putting a smile in my heart.

Aaaand that's it! :) I really do hope you guys will try to have 
your own Cadbury Sweet Ending Experience.
Try it, you won't regret it!! ;) ;) ;)

Now after a long day, I'm gonna be having another Cadbury Sweet Ending! :)
Can't wait to munch on my chocolate bars!! :)


Revisiting An Old Love


Another Blair Waldorf Inspired- Outfit

Tesle Eats Sweets x Cake A Break


It's cupcake o'clock!! My new favorite time of the day!!

Tesle in Crocs x @SkinnyLady18


Who doesn't love Crocs??

Tesle Eats Sweets x Torte Felice PH


Torte Felice PH

Tesle's Skin Care x Himalaya Herbals

Tonight, I will be sharing to you guys the latest products I've received 
and how was my experience with them.

Keeping My Cool


Cadbury Sweet Endings #TeamChocolateMousse


Bonjour!! :>

College has been really hard for all of us, but my best friends and I are really happy that we can always end our day with a sweet ending. Thanks to Cadbury for giving us the sweet ending we can always look forward to everyday. Cadbury Dairy Milk is a smooth and creamy chocolate bar and the taste itself definitely gives a sweet ending. And our favorite chocolate just got better!! They have two new luxurious flavor which is the French Vanilla and the Chocolate Mousse! :)

My besties and I are definitely a part of the #TeamChocolateMousse because as you bite,  you can taste light and airy chocolate flavored cream covered in delicious milk chocolate. 
Eating Cadbury Dairy Milk is a sweet ending. It really is a tasty accompaniment after a night out with my besties, a delicious companion when pulling an all nighter to finish all the paper works, and a perfect end to a wonderful meal. :) It can give you the sweetest ending all day, everyday.

Experience the romantic feeling of being in Paris, and buy a 180g pack of Cadbury Dairy Milk's new Flavors, French Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse for only 180php srp. 

Have a sweet ending with Cadbury Dairy Milk!! :)


Tesle's New Favorite Lip Brand x @threedaymakeupsale


My new favorite lip brand!!

NESCAFÉ Cappuccino is the most indulgent coffee I’ve ever had!


Have I told you guys how obsessed I am with coffee?
This is why I love trying different coffee shops.

My mom always tell me that I spend too much money because I always hang out with my friends at a coffee shop. And I notice it too, almost half of my allowance is spent on restaurants and coffee shops. HA! (Sorry parents) But of course I can't stop it. I mean, it's really hard to stop something when it has become your habit. And because of that, I am very grateful that Nescafe launched their new flavor!! 

Nescafe Cappuccino 

And I will tell you guys about it!

Here are a few reasons why I love Nescafe Cappuccino coffee:

1. I'm always running late for school and no time for breakfast 
so I just grab my coffee tumbler and  I drink it on my way to school. 
2. Well, I am always sleepy because of all the paper works and blog posts I have to do at night so coffee really is a big help for me to stop me from snoozing in class. 
3. It keeps me wide awake and energized for the whole day. 'Nuff said
4. It has become my all nighter buddy (related to number 2)
5. I do not know anymore, I just love Cappuccino flavored coffee!!

Do you know what's the best thing with this coffee flavor??
It has a coffee foam and comes with choco sprinkles 
and it makes drinking Nescafe Capuccino a more indulgent experience. :)

What I love the most in this flavor is its foamy feeling in every sip.
It tastes so good it's crazy! :) And the choco sprinkles you can put on top makes it better. :)
This is definitely a life saver for me! Because it helps me stay wide awake in class, keeps me energized at night when I need to do all my paper works, it's affordable and it tastes really good!

What about you? How indulgent is your cup of coffee??
Share your answers on the comment box and I might just give you a coffee treat!




Today was "errand" day for me. I had a meeting with a good friend to discuss an upcoming project.

Tesle's Shopping Experience x Our Tribe


Tonight I'm gonna be sharing to you my lovely readers, my shopping experience at 

Our Tribe Megamall Branch

Tesle's Detox Experience x The Juice Barista


I remember telling you guys about how I've been trying to stay healthy and fit. But then Halloween came and you know what happens when it's Halloween! Lots and lots of sweets, food and alcohol. Which is why, I'm doing a juice cleanse for one week!!

10 Signs Your Man Truly Loves You


Finally writing an article again (that isn't for the School Magazine haha)
Well, I'm not a love expert but I do know some things based on my own experiences & my friends' and this is nonetheless, based on my own understanding and opinions about relationships.

Sassy On Forever 21 Jeans


ZALORA: Brand Ambassador

I am so excited to tell you guys that I have been invited to become one of the Brand Ambassadors of ZALORA. It is such an honor because I love shopping at this site for me and my boy-friend. We love the quality and the SALE prices!! :) The shoes and bags are to die for!! We love discounts too!! If you're a fashion enthusiast like us, and on a budget too. Drop by at

You can use this Promo Code when you Check Out and get 15% DISCOUNT! :)
Discount Code: ZBAP1rc

Get it before you regret it! :)

Plans On Semestral Break

It's the start of my Sembreak but I don't have any plans yet, which is unusual because I often make time to list down what I wanna do every vacation because this is really the only time I feel stress free and away from all the paper works. I guess I've been really busy and didn't notice it's vacation timeee for me!

Plain and Preppy


So obsessed with this shorts!

Under the Sun


Can you believe we are just 2 months away 'til 2015?
Funny how time flies so fast. And I am so excited for all the coming holidays!
But before that, I have to finish the finals first. It's really unbelievable that I'm only a few humongous steps until graduation. I cannot wait!

In this post I'm wearing a matching crop top and skater skirt which I bought a few months ago when I went shopping at a bazaar with my best friend. I was not able to wear it before because I gained weight. But now I'm trying (so hard) to maintain my weight and not gain anymore. :)

I tried the Nestle Fitness Program and so happy with the progress I've made!
I eat fruits and a bowl of Nestle Fitness Cereal with milk every morning.
Jog or dance around. and I walk alot. :) I also drink water, lots of water!
Click here for more info about the Nestle Fitness Program

Somehow I can see the progress, can you see it too? Haha

Matching Crop top & Skater skirt: Bazaar | White sandals with gold straps: Parisian

So that's sharing two random stories in one post! lol
Good luck to everyone taking their exams this week! #PUUUSH




This morning my dad and I together with my little brother went for a drive..

Birthday Dress


Here's the dress I wore on my birthday! :)

Dress: From my Besty!! (Shout out to the best best friend ever, Raiza!)
White Strap Sandals: Parisian

I am more than happy to announce that I now own :)
Thank you to all my readers for supporting this blog which only 
started as an outlet for me to write my thoughts and whatnot

Of course, a #Selfie :) Follow me on Instagram @tesletee

Thank you to my favorite MU Artist, Meg Garvilles for my Make Up!
Thank you Jizelle Sabaulan & Justine Dev for my photos!