Wintry Weather

In my recent posts, I've mentioned how much I love the cold weather. I love how I can go everywhere without sweating and looking so haggard. ;) And I was ecstatic when my Mom told me she planned a Baguio trip for us! But, sadly I wasn't able to go to one of my best friend's party over the weekend. But it was all worth it because I love Baguio!!! :)

Here's what I wore to my Baguio Adventure this weekend!

This weekend getaway is definitely one for the books! I love how cold the weather is, and the people there are all so nice! Plus, I got to eat too many food there! Hah! :p Basically, all we did there was try out different restaurants and coffee shops, walk around and shop! :D The taxi cabs there are less expensive than here in Manila so it was easy for us to go from one place to another. :)

Of course I had to cover up my entire body because the cold was too hard to endure. (Parang break up lang. Chos!) 

Leather Jacket: Topman | Black dress: H & M | Shoes: Shoe Salon | Necklace: Forever 21

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