So today I finally had the time to bond with my family. I've been so busy with school works and didn't have time to even talk to them anymore. There's only a few days left 'til I get to experience Summer 2014 and I am so excited! Especially because I have so much on my plate right now (research papers, defense, term papers, final exams, articles for the magazine, reports, fashion show and a lot more!) I suck at time management and priorities but luckily, I excel in cramming. Lol!

Since it was just a casual lunch with the Telan's, I decided to wear something simple and plain. Do you guys notice how unbearably hot the weather has been lately?

I paired this white corset with a boyfriend jeans (if it isnt obvious haha because it's too big for my skinny legs) because I wanted to just be comfortable since I'm feeling so stressed these past few days. If you guys can still remember, I have this weird obsession with hats.. So I wore one again today! :)

Side story: I was in Megamall earlier and was too shy to expose my skin so I wore a Plaid Polo. Hhaha talk about being conservative!

Hat: Topshop | Boyfriend Jeans | Shoes: Parisian

Right Before My Eyes


Isn't this feeling amazing, the feeling of being inspired to write not because you want to vent out and open up to the world the sadness that took the life out of you, dried you inside out, left you with heart rending tears which you can only replace with distressing stories and words.

Some say that people must go through the high and low parts in life but it seemed like I only felt the low ones. It came to the point when I cannot even determine if everything I was saying was an exaggeration or an understatement. My heart fully embraced the cold that the winter season had brought me. It's like I had everything and nothing at all for a very long time. My life clasped only the darkness of the night. And the water from the faucet froze me to my coldest. And I let it be.

But then that one moment comes when I get to feel the high part back in my life, that I don't even care if I was exaggerating or if saying that I'm blissfully happy now is an understatement. Because I'm everything in between,  oh the epitome of merriment. The feeling overwhelms me so much that my mind and my heart bursts out with too much joyfulness, as if I'm about to set myself on fire. But the fire stands as the light in my day, the brightness of the forthcoming summer season, and the everlasting joke that leaves a smile on my face every time I think about it.

I cannot help but wish that this feeling would never come to its end. Because it's like a highly addictive drug that you know would make you only weaker when you stop. And the feeling of waking up and going to sleep gives me so much excitement and contentment. That all the sweet words had become a song in my mind, like a catchy lyric I can't get away from and catch myself singing along  throughout the entire day.

You have become my personal twitter that I felt the need to update every working hour of my day. My very own Facebook that I can share with everything (and mostly random thoughts) on my mind. We've had our own Tumblr moments even if we've only known each other for a short period of time. A safe haven I can always come home to. The one who made me fold all my cards, the one who came too close even when I was a mess and it was too scary to see everything I hid inside.

BMS REDux: The Red Trance

Intense and flashing red lights

Ferocious beats and crazy music

The wildest crowd with their hands in the air.

Get pumped as the the Business Management Society of De La Salle University brings you the most intense party of the year in
REDux: The Red Trance

Watch as we create a RADICAL AUDIO VISUAL EXPERIENCE (R.A.V.E.) to bring you into a RED state of mind and make you see RED, hear RED, and feel RED.

The RAVE Revolution is about to begin on March 14 at the PICC Forum 1. Tickets are up for grabs for only 280 for regular tickets and 350 door charge. Like their Facebook page at and follow them on twitter @BMSRedux.

Jump and reach for the sky. Put your hands up in the air. Make the ground shake. Tear the roof off this place. Lose yourself tonight. Run where lights can’t chase us. Feel alive again. Be a crazy kid. Turn up the music. Turn off your mind. Feel good. Raise the levels up. Let go of your worries. Get crazy. Party hard. Wake me up. Make the bass drop.

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All about food: Boqueria PH

So last Friday, my twin and his best friend took me out on a dinner date after we went ice skating in Mega Mall. Don't we just love the new portion of Mega Mall, the Fashion Hall where all the high end stores and restaurants are located. We had dinner at Boqueria Restaurant. The place looks so classy and comfortable. And all the people there are very nice and attentive. :)

Lemon Mint Iced Tea

Apple Cinnamon Iced Tea

I forgot the name of this appetizer, I'm not sure if it's called Bomba
But you guys should try this one out! It's really good! :)

Leide and yours truly :) 

Their best seller, Paella Negra :)

Cute desserts in a small jar! :) Definitely a good try!

Selfie Stick from Fabulous Finds By Sabrina

I love the ambiance in this restaurant plus the beautiful structure of the place and the comfortable seats! :) The food was great! I was so full and satisfied. :) So if you're looking for a new place for your dinner dates, meetings or whatever, you should definitely check this place out! :)