So today I finally had the time to bond with my family. I've been so busy with school works and didn't have time to even talk to them anymore. There's only a few days left 'til I get to experience Summer 2014 and I am so excited! Especially because I have so much on my plate right now (research papers, defense, term papers, final exams, articles for the magazine, reports, fashion show and a lot more!) I suck at time management and priorities but luckily, I excel in cramming. Lol!

Since it was just a casual lunch with the Telan's, I decided to wear something simple and plain. Do you guys notice how unbearably hot the weather has been lately?

I paired this white corset with a boyfriend jeans (if it isnt obvious haha because it's too big for my skinny legs) because I wanted to just be comfortable since I'm feeling so stressed these past few days. If you guys can still remember, I have this weird obsession with hats.. So I wore one again today! :)

Side story: I was in Megamall earlier and was too shy to expose my skin so I wore a Plaid Polo. Hhaha talk about being conservative!

Hat: Topshop | Boyfriend Jeans | Shoes: Parisian

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