Call Center 101: What to wear at work

We all seem to know that fashion is all about the art of clothing and dressing up, while work is, well, all about earning money. So how come something so fun and free like fashion becomes a tough task when you're working? Dressing up at work becomes a rough time when you don't know the right things to wear. Scratch that, actually when you don't know the PROPER things to wear. Of course, nobody wants to look like a flirty office girl that ends up being scolded by THE boss or a weird looking lady who wears terrible pieces of clothing.

Let's say that everyday you wake up to prepare for work and you have your confidence and all that but the most difficult part remains. You find yourself staring blankly at your closet and asking yourself… “What the heck do I wear today?!” So to avoid a wardrobe disaster and to lessen the pile of clothes you will end up throwing on your floor in frustration, here are some tips for you to wear on a daily basis. You can be conservative yet fabulous everyday.

Monday is the hardest and toughest day of the week. Because you still have that weekend hangover and usually still not ready to go to work again. So it'll be best for you to wear something casual and easy to pull off like a pair of jeans, a button down polo, nice flats or midheels and a bag. Minimal make up is also a way to go! :)

Dainty Tuesday is all about florals and light colors. At work, people can be very stressful and annoying. But these light colors and sweet looking prints can help you feel calm and relaxed. This is also perfect for some alone time after work. :)

Wednesday is the day of the week when everything is about to fall into place until the end of the week! :) So it's best to wear something sassy and casual and comfortable! Whether you're answering calls all day or talking to your clients and answering your boss' emails, this is the perfect outfit to go! Especially when you and your friends or colleagues are planning for coffee after work! :)

Thursday is the day that  you just can't wait to get over with! Why not pull out your favorite pair of jeans or wear that sexy pants you've always wanted to wear because it boosts your confidence and just 'cause you feel sexy in it. That'll help you feel good for the rest of the day. 

Side tip: Wedges are perfect when you just wanna be casual yet fun looking at work. :) It'll also give you that extra oomph when you're walking at the office. ;)

Why don't you wear something formal on FRIDAYS? We don't care if you will just sit at your desk all day, take this opportunity to look classy and sexy! And this is also perfect for a friday night out with your colleagues! 

Prove to everyone that you are not just a call center agent, YOU ARE A FABULOUS CALL CENTER AGENT! :) Dressing up is fun and working at a call center is fun as well when you're wearing something that lifts up your mood! Be young, be happy, be creative and work hard! :) And maybe this will also help you ace that quota or answer your calls better, because looking good is feeling good!

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