Birthday Dress


Here's the dress I wore on my birthday! :)

Dress: From my Besty!! (Shout out to the best best friend ever, Raiza!)
White Strap Sandals: Parisian

I am more than happy to announce that I now own :)
Thank you to all my readers for supporting this blog which only 
started as an outlet for me to write my thoughts and whatnot

Of course, a #Selfie :) Follow me on Instagram @tesletee

Thank you to my favorite MU Artist, Meg Garvilles for my Make Up!
Thank you Jizelle Sabaulan & Justine Dev for my photos!





A wise man once said "There are two great days in a person's life, the day we are born and the day we discover why" Such a beautiful quote, right? This is the quote I want to live by starting today. I'm nineteen already and I just can't believe it. But the good thing is I got to celebrate my birthday! I've always loved celebrating birthdays, mainly because of two reasons; I get to spend and celebrate another year of my life or my loved ones' lives and I get to eat A LOT. :)

My main plan was to go to my favorite church in Katipunan but due to the heavy rainfall, I decided to just go to a church around the city, Antipolo Cathedral Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. Though, I always pray at St.Claire Church in Katipunan, it's one of my favorite places in the world because it's very peaceful and holy.

And since my date knew I have a deep appreciation for food, he made a reservation in Vikings, Sm Marikina. Because he said he wanted me to have everything I want on my birthday, he brought me here. :)

First on my plate: Japanese food! I am such a fan of japanese cuisine and I actually ate a dozen of these. And of course, was not able to take photos of them because I ate them all right away. Hehe

This isn't my second plate because my date and I had different steaks and lamb but didn't get to take a photo of it 'cause you know, it looked so delicious and tasted so delicious too! :) If you guys are not yet aware, I have a sweet tooth, always craving for something sweet! :) One of the reasons why my date took me here is because of the hundred choices of desserts and pastries. :p

A little confession: I had a cup of salted caramel ice cream, watermelons, and slices of cake before this plate of crepe! :) I love that you can personally pick everything you wanna eat in Vikings. So I made my own mango crepe with salted caramel ice cream and caramel syrup on top! Oh and by the way, I also had a frozen yogurt topped with caramel syrup, blueberries and graham powder before this. HAHA

 This isn't my last plate, because the last one was full of pork siomai that my date and I truly enjoyed. :D

I tasted I think 3 different kinds of cold beverages and had my own fix of jasmine tea. Just the right amount to help me wash down everything I ate. :)

The service crews were all so nice enough to take our photos and they were very entertaining.

A polaroid photo of my date and I enjoying lunch at Vikings in Sm Marikina
(Ps. Don't judge my instax film :p)

After shopping, walking and talking the whole day we ended the night at Pizza Hut. 


Two of my favorite bloggers, Vern and Verniece Enciso released their book recently and he got me my very own copy! :) This one's for all the cute girls out there!

Another gift from my favorite :)
Every fashion enthusiast should have this book! It contains so much outfit ideas using only the basics! :) Thank you Glam Nail Studio & Spa for my nails!

Now, thank you Vikings for a wonderful birthday experience! Definitely one for the books!

Thanks to everyone who greeted me!! :) I really felt so happy and got emotional while reading all your sweet and warm messages. Thanks to mom & dad for taking care of me, 19 years with a daughter like me is never easy, I am well aware. :D And thanks to my twin, for everything. You know it! ;) A big hug to all my girlfriends for celebrating my birthday (one day earlier!) And to YOU, thanks for all the gifts, the ones I never posted hehe :) Thank you for everything. Thanks for taking me out, for the wonderful birthday message which I posted on my instagram :D #sorrynotsorry and basically, thanks for always trying. I, you :)

"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is to celebrate"

5 Things That Are Making Tesle Happy

Because my birthday is coming up and I wanted to write about something today, I figured why not make a post about the 5 things that are making me happy. Maybe someday this is going to be a big help for me. Whenever I need an inspiration, I can just look at this post and feel the same happiness that I am feeling now. I cannot believe I've been growing up so fast. Sorry Mom and Dad!! :( 

Also, these are the photos of my Outfit today when my family and I went out for lunch.

1. My Samsung Galaxy Grand Mobile Phone
Ever since I lost my iPhone, it was hard for me to look for a better one who can really give me everything I need. Since I use my phone mostly for Instagram (I got you there! Haha) powerpoint presentations, e-books, and business stuff. I am in need for a phone that doesn't lag and easy to use (because I am soooo not good when it comes to gadgets and electronics!) I bought two phones from two different brands, they were also nice and classy but they both didn't work for me. I need an all in one phone. And after a few months of searching, I finally found the perfect one!! :) I can now do everything with my handheld again! :)

2. The singer, Gabrielle Aplin
I first heard her song Panic Cord when I was randomly searching on Youtube. It's such a nice song and has a deep meaning. (hmm) Then I started listening to her tracks and I love them all. They became my morning playlist. :) Try to check her songs out too, you'll love it! :)

3. My Instax Mini 8 Polaroid Camera
I got two new boxes of films last month and I wanted to use them all so badly! I often bring my Polaroid camera and take photos of every moment I wish to cherish. :) I'm planning to put them all in my bedroom wall so I'm really collecting lots of memories to capture! :)

4. Cadbury Chocolates
I've always had a sweet tooth, and I love chocolates! :) Cadbury is one my favorites ever since I was young. I love how pure the chocolate is and it melts so good. :) It's my happy pill especially when I'm sad or tired. :)

5. Progress on my Shoe Boutique #TheSweetFeet
Thank you all for the warm welcome! :) Thank you for all the support, inquiries and orders. :) Even famous people checks out my shop's instagram page now and it's really overwhelming. I have so much on my plate now but it doesn't stop me from achieving all my goals and walking on sunshine everyday. 

Gray Sleeveless Top: Giordano | Skirt: A gift | Shoes: Shoe Salon

I opted to wear something like this today because I knew my brothers and I will be having an adventure filled day. We never see each other everyday like we used to but when we do, it's always something fun and tiring. Which is why I knew I always need to wear something comfortable when I go out with them. Don't you love how casual this outfit is? :) And I am also in love with how my top went well with my skirt which I was not able to use for a very long time!! :)

Yay for bare face, no make up no filter lol! :)

Hot Out There

Holaa!! :)
So here's what I wore to my friend's Coachella Paandar Party!

My peg was Jamie Chung's outfit at Coachella 2014

I love how simple and elegant her outfit was.
And our dress almost looked the same!! :)

It was soooooo hot outside where we had our lunch.
We stayed in the grass while listening to our very own Coachella playlist.

Good thing I wore a sleeveless lace dress because it was cool and comfortable.
I love everything about this outfit. It's so simple and classy.
White is always a way to go! :)

White Lace Dress: Coco Cobana | White Tank Top (worn inside): Forever 21 | White Shorts: Bazaar | White Sandals: Parisian | Hat: Topshop

 Oh and by the way!
Please visit my shop at 


Pick it, Zip it, Keep it with Clothes Buffet Manila


Hello Everyone! :) 
I can't explain how happy I am right now!

Do you guys wanna know why??
It's because of....


I bet all of you are delighted to know about this event. :)

(photo courtesy of google)

What is Clothes Buffet Manila?
It is an event for all the fabulous fashion enthusiasts out there, 
it's a buffet of clothes which means you can get everything you want as long as it can fit the buffet bag. And everything you fit in your bag is automatically yours to take home!
There'll be 30,000 clothes from TOP BRANDS!!

What is a buffet?? It means you can get all you want, everything you want! :)


PICK IT: The clothing racks are organized per style so it's easier 
to pick from thousands and thousands of branded clothes. :)
30,000 pieces to choose from. Woaaah!
You can pick anything you like. And put it in your buffet bag.
You will be given 15 minutes per shopping wave.

You will be given a chance to re-vamp your closet with these remarkable
and amazing pieces offered to us by the Clothes Buffet Manila. :)
So make sure you know your size and you know your own style. ;)

ZIP IT: You just have to make sure every piece of clothing you grabbed
 from the buffet will fit your zip lock (buffet) bag. 
Don't worry, the bag is sturdy. :)
So you better start practicing your packing skills and be prepared! :D
You just need patience and eagerness to be able to zip your bag.
You also need to be gentle on the bag so remember to fold or roll your pieces properly, okay? :)

KEEP IT: You get to keep all the clothes you can fit in your zip lock bag!! 
No matter how many you got, as long as you can still zip your bag, it's all YOURS!!
Now now, everything is yours. All the fun cramming, and even if you have had a hard time zipping your bag. It's all worth it because you get to keep the pieces and put them in YOUR OWN CLOSET!! :)

Buffet bag, 30,000 clothes, different fashion styles, grab all you can!
Isn't that amazing? :)

The concept of Clothes Buffet Manila is to give us girls, a chance to have our dream closet!! :)
A chance to feel like we can get everything we want, and we definitely can!! :)
They help us achieve our dreams of acing the perfect style and outfits for us.

I love how they managed to create this event in the Philippines, so unique and remarkable!
They have a one of a kind concept which is to make fashion more fun and accessible! :)
It is guaranteed that the Clothes Buffet Manila have all your fashion needs covered, 
may it be tops, bottoms, dresses, shorts, leggings, jackets and more!!
In the buffet, all the clothes are up to date and definitely fashionable!! :)

You can have your dream closet and have fun as well at Clothes Buffet Manila!
Just remember the three steps:
Pick it, Zip it, Keep it ;)

I am so excited to bring out the shopaholic Blair Waldorf inside of me 
and go shopping at The Clothes Buffet Manila!

They also have a mini buffet so make sure to bring extra cash so you can 
score all the items that'll complete your outfits! :)

You can also follow them on their social media sites

Now, Am I the only one excited? Of course not! See you all there my fashionista chikkas!! :)