5 Things That Are Making Tesle Happy

Because my birthday is coming up and I wanted to write about something today, I figured why not make a post about the 5 things that are making me happy. Maybe someday this is going to be a big help for me. Whenever I need an inspiration, I can just look at this post and feel the same happiness that I am feeling now. I cannot believe I've been growing up so fast. Sorry Mom and Dad!! :( 

Also, these are the photos of my Outfit today when my family and I went out for lunch.

1. My Samsung Galaxy Grand Mobile Phone
Ever since I lost my iPhone, it was hard for me to look for a better one who can really give me everything I need. Since I use my phone mostly for Instagram (I got you there! Haha) powerpoint presentations, e-books, and business stuff. I am in need for a phone that doesn't lag and easy to use (because I am soooo not good when it comes to gadgets and electronics!) I bought two phones from two different brands, they were also nice and classy but they both didn't work for me. I need an all in one phone. And after a few months of searching, I finally found the perfect one!! :) I can now do everything with my handheld again! :)

2. The singer, Gabrielle Aplin
I first heard her song Panic Cord when I was randomly searching on Youtube. It's such a nice song and has a deep meaning. (hmm) Then I started listening to her tracks and I love them all. They became my morning playlist. :) Try to check her songs out too, you'll love it! :)

3. My Instax Mini 8 Polaroid Camera
I got two new boxes of films last month and I wanted to use them all so badly! I often bring my Polaroid camera and take photos of every moment I wish to cherish. :) I'm planning to put them all in my bedroom wall so I'm really collecting lots of memories to capture! :)

4. Cadbury Chocolates
I've always had a sweet tooth, and I love chocolates! :) Cadbury is one my favorites ever since I was young. I love how pure the chocolate is and it melts so good. :) It's my happy pill especially when I'm sad or tired. :)

5. Progress on my Shoe Boutique #TheSweetFeet
Thank you all for the warm welcome! :) Thank you for all the support, inquiries and orders. :) Even famous people checks out my shop's instagram page now and it's really overwhelming. I have so much on my plate now but it doesn't stop me from achieving all my goals and walking on sunshine everyday. 

Gray Sleeveless Top: Giordano | Skirt: A gift | Shoes: Shoe Salon

I opted to wear something like this today because I knew my brothers and I will be having an adventure filled day. We never see each other everyday like we used to but when we do, it's always something fun and tiring. Which is why I knew I always need to wear something comfortable when I go out with them. Don't you love how casual this outfit is? :) And I am also in love with how my top went well with my skirt which I was not able to use for a very long time!! :)

Yay for bare face, no make up no filter lol! :)

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