Hot Out There

Holaa!! :)
So here's what I wore to my friend's Coachella Paandar Party!

My peg was Jamie Chung's outfit at Coachella 2014

I love how simple and elegant her outfit was.
And our dress almost looked the same!! :)

It was soooooo hot outside where we had our lunch.
We stayed in the grass while listening to our very own Coachella playlist.

Good thing I wore a sleeveless lace dress because it was cool and comfortable.
I love everything about this outfit. It's so simple and classy.
White is always a way to go! :)

White Lace Dress: Coco Cobana | White Tank Top (worn inside): Forever 21 | White Shorts: Bazaar | White Sandals: Parisian | Hat: Topshop

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