10 Signs Your Man Truly Loves You


Finally writing an article again (that isn't for the School Magazine haha)
Well, I'm not a love expert but I do know some things based on my own experiences & my friends' and this is nonetheless, based on my own understanding and opinions about relationships.

Sassy On Forever 21 Jeans


ZALORA: Brand Ambassador

I am so excited to tell you guys that I have been invited to become one of the Brand Ambassadors of ZALORA. It is such an honor because I love shopping at this site for me and my boy-friend. We love the quality and the SALE prices!! :) The shoes and bags are to die for!! We love discounts too!! If you're a fashion enthusiast like us, and on a budget too. Drop by at http://zalora.com.ph

You can use this Promo Code when you Check Out and get 15% DISCOUNT! :)
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Get it before you regret it! :)

Plans On Semestral Break

It's the start of my Sembreak but I don't have any plans yet, which is unusual because I often make time to list down what I wanna do every vacation because this is really the only time I feel stress free and away from all the paper works. I guess I've been really busy and didn't notice it's vacation timeee for me!

Plain and Preppy


So obsessed with this shorts!

Under the Sun


Can you believe we are just 2 months away 'til 2015?
Funny how time flies so fast. And I am so excited for all the coming holidays!
But before that, I have to finish the finals first. It's really unbelievable that I'm only a few humongous steps until graduation. I cannot wait!

In this post I'm wearing a matching crop top and skater skirt which I bought a few months ago when I went shopping at a bazaar with my best friend. I was not able to wear it before because I gained weight. But now I'm trying (so hard) to maintain my weight and not gain anymore. :)

I tried the Nestle Fitness Program and so happy with the progress I've made!
I eat fruits and a bowl of Nestle Fitness Cereal with milk every morning.
Jog or dance around. and I walk alot. :) I also drink water, lots of water!
Click here for more info about the Nestle Fitness Program

Somehow I can see the progress, can you see it too? Haha

Matching Crop top & Skater skirt: Bazaar | White sandals with gold straps: Parisian

So that's sharing two random stories in one post! lol
Good luck to everyone taking their exams this week! #PUUUSH




This morning my dad and I together with my little brother went for a drive..