10 Signs Your Man Truly Loves You


Finally writing an article again (that isn't for the School Magazine haha)
Well, I'm not a love expert but I do know some things based on my own experiences & my friends' and this is nonetheless, based on my own understanding and opinions about relationships.

1. Checking you out
He often calls and send you text messages to check up on you. Most people nowadays like to send each other text messages all the time. And that's what he does. He likes talking to you and often starts the conversation. And not just an ordinary conversation, but a stimulating one which intrigues both of you and makes both of you more interesting to each other. He also doesn't mind when you call him in the middle of a poker game or NBA night with his friends. He tells you he loves hearing your voice in the morning and loves calling you in the most unexpected time to check how you're doing.

2. Time is precious
He spends time with you, because you are precious to him. He doesn't let a day or two pass by without seeing you. (Doesn't apply to people in a long distance relationship though) When he has free time, he chooses to spend it with you. And he, beside his busy schedule tries to be with you especially on special occasions like your birthday, monthsary, anniversary etc.

3. Your Care Bear
A guy who truly loves you is genuinely happy for you when good things happen, and he makes you feel loved and appreciated when you're going through challenges and problems. He cares for you and you know it. He also helps you to grow and supports you to become a better person.

4. Priority Territory
He doesn't make you feel like you are just an option, a second choice. In fact, he does the opposite of this. He considers you when making a decision (big or small) And considerate about your decisions, opinions, insights and the things you want to do. He puts you first and he focuses on your life together. He's more of a "we" instead of "I" which makes him more awesome. ;)

5. Known to be a man of integrity
Aside from good'ol stories from his friends about him. He treats your relationship with integrity and full honesty. He is trustworthy and very loyal to you. He is straightforward and tells you about his past and all the girls he's been with. And not only that, he also shares to you all the stories about the skeletons in his closet. He's very open about his feelings and also very sincere.

6. Right kind of PDA-y
He shows people how much he adores you. He treats you well in front of anyone including his family and friends. He is proud to be with you and devoted to you and your relationship. He holds your hand, guides you by putting his arms around you and often tell you he loves you even at random public places.

7. He works out
Not the work out you think. Haha I am not talking about a guy who goes to the gym and literally works out. Lol :p He work things out between you. He tries to work out every issue in your relationship. He understand your dilemmas, mood swings and those times when you just wanna pick a fight with him (yes we all have those moments) and he is willing to work through them. 

8. Flashes of inspiration
You are his greatest inspiration and he tells you that every waking moment. He lets you know that he does everything for your relationship to work out and gives you the best that he can be.

9. He tries to be a better man
He isn't perfect, but he's trying his best. And that's enough for you to know that he loves you. He makes effort to prove to you that he's worth it. And because of that, you know he definitely is.

10. Know with absolute certainty
Well, I can list a hundred or even thousands of signs to know if your man truly loves you but the only person who can feel that is YOU. Listen to your heart, and his. Because the whole point of being with someone is because they make you feel something, something that no one else can. Safety, security, assurance, acceptance and a whole lot more all at the same time. Love can never be described by words, and can only be interpreted by the heart. 

Remember to place more weight on his actions and less on his words. Because a man can easily say "I love you" But the true test of whether he really loves you is if he exhibits the emotions you would want to get from him. When a man loves you, he doesn't need to say it because you will just know.


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