Plans On Semestral Break

It's the start of my Sembreak but I don't have any plans yet, which is unusual because I often make time to list down what I wanna do every vacation because this is really the only time I feel stress free and away from all the paper works. I guess I've been really busy and didn't notice it's vacation timeee for me!

So anyway, here's a list of things I wanna do during the whole break! :)

1. Read a good book - I've always loved reading and now that it's vacation again, I wanna read more books!! :) Suggestions anyone?

2. Organize more Garage Sales - My first Garage sale which I held in Valle Verde was a success. I want to do more, since I have a lot of stuff to sell. The bags and shoes that I don't use anymore are next in line! :)

3. Blog more than once a week - I want to be more hands on now on my blog because I have a lot of free time and I wanna share how great my sembreak will be! (fingers crossed! cause I'm hopeful for all the better things to come!)

4. Achieve a smaller waist line - Well, I need to work out and I wanna stay fit and healthy. So I am planning to make a new segment on my blog about fitness. :) And I might start going to the gym too! Hope you guys watch out for it!

5. Practice cooking and making desserts - You don't know but I have this "Masterchef" inside of me that's been wanting to come out. :p

6. Catch up on my favorite tv series - My fave thing to do at home is to watch american tv series that I missed all through out the whole sem! Because during school days, I don't get to watch anything. Unless it's a friday night and I've decided to stay at home. But basically, I only get to watch tv 12% of the time.

Sooooo that's it! :) These are only six out of the many things I plan to do..
  ( I got so many ideas while writing this post. Hahaha)
I have so many on my mind but I'd like to keep most of them for myself.
Thanks everyone for continuing to support this blog and reading my posts! :)

Sleeveless Polo: Zara Basics | Shorts: LNK Botiq Plus Size | Black Rose Necklace: Forever 21 | Nude Two Strap Sandals: Parisian

Make up by Meg Garvilles

Thank you LNK Botiq Plus Size for my shorts! Love 'em! :)
So sorry for the supeeeer late blog post. You're one of the most generous shops I've ever collaborated with! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :)

Love you all my readers!

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