Sassy On Forever 21 Jeans

I'm really happy about how good the Garage Sale I organized turned out. I was kind of scared at first because I thought no one will come and people won't like my stuff. But it turned out everyone loved it and it would've been greater if I was not too skinny back then. Other women could have used ALL of my clothes if I wasn't too thin. Hah! And because I hunted down my closet, the one in my parent's house and the one I have in my Uncle's, I saw a lot of clothes that I totally forgot about.

If you can notice, I have tried (so hard, I must say) to change my look, make up and all that, somehow. And for this look, I tried to look pale and simple. It even took me hours deciding what blog title should I use in this post. Haha :p

In this look, I wore my White Sleeveless Top with a cute design on the back.
This is my favorite top because the design is very unique and one of a kind. ;)

People often ask me, being a girl with a tall stature, where do I buy jeans?
I must say, I find it hard to buy a pair because most of them are too short for my legs and I just cannot find the perfect pair for me. Good thing, Forever 21 offers a wide variety of jeans and pants for girls like me with  long legs. They have different sizes of course, but their jeans fit me perfectly, even hugs the shape of my legs but can still give me the perfect comfortable feeling PLUS the length is perfect for my long legs!!
I think I have 3 new pair of jeans from Forever 21 in different colors, yes I kind of hoarded the Jeans they have when they were on sale. :)

White Top: H & M | Brown Belt: SM Dept. Store | Skinny Jeans: Forever 21 | Brown Mid Heels: Japan 


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