A Sweet Ending With Cadbury


 Nuffnang x Cadbury:

The Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 1 Movie Screening


Another Special Screening Event organized by Nuffnang in partnership with Cadbury!!
I'd like to say that this is one of my favorite events. I've been invited twice this year and it's really fun!
It was definitely a sweet treat for me because I have always been a fan of The Hunger Games.
I got extremely excited when I found out I'm gonna be a part of this special screening.
And the fact that Cadbury was the one who sponsored the event was thrilling!!

They never fail to make all of us have fun and enjoy the whole night.
Before the movie, we had a little program, question & answer, bring me game and a raffle!! :)
They also have a booth outside the cinema that automatically print out your instagram photos, you just have to use the hashtag #CadburySweetEndings. It's so cool!!

Of course, during the event they explained and shared to us their newest and latest flavors.
We were asked what Team we want to be in during the contest and I chose #TeamChocolateMousse because it's my favorite flavor. :) But I can't help but doubt my decision after I have tried The French Vanilla because it tastes really good as well. Haha. Now I'm torn between being on the side of #TeamChocolateMousse or switching to #TeamFrenchVanilla :)

I am so undecided because they're both great in their own ways. :)
And why wouldn't they be? They're made with rich milk chocolate with a twist of French inspired flavors.

Here's the video that kept playing in my head while eating a bar of Cadbury.
Watch this and you'll see what I'm talking about! ;)

The event itself was amazing because I got to watch one of the movies I've been waiting for so loooong plus I got plenty of Cadbury Dairy Milk which definitely gave me a sweet ending!! It was truly such a delightful and amazing experience! :) I've literally been giving sweet smiles to everyone, maybe that's one of the sweet things I've gotten from eating Cadbury Dairy Milk! :) Sweetness overloads in my mouth. :) I cannot contain my happiness! *flying hearts and more flying hearts*

Boxes of Cadbury Dairy Milk were given away at the end of the movie! 
WHAT A SWEEEEET ENDING! *insert hearts, hearts and more hearts for Cadbury & Nuffnang*

I am really lovin' the French inspired flavors, and how every bite of it can make me feel like I'm in a romantic place in Paris!! :) It's a blissful happiness to feel the rich and creamy French Vanilla flavor melt in your mouth. Even just ripping the cover makes my mouth water already!! :) 

No more bad days for me because every bar of the Cadbury Dairy Milk 
can really turn my mood into a good one!! :) I guess all of you are aware of how much I love sweets, chocolates & more sweets :p That is why I am really grateful to Cadbury for giving me so many chocolate bars that I can enjoy anytime of the day!

If you're wondering why I chose Chocolate Mousse 
over the French Vanilla flavor during the contest..
Here's why, it's because the Chocolate Mousse is covered with delicious milk chocolate and it's my favorite flavor of all time!! :p Every bite reminds me of the first time a guy kissed me on the cheek after a night out, in the front of our door step.. :) Such a sweet sweet sweet ending!! :)

These New Flavors are sold for only 180pesos. :)
A hundred and eighty pesos for such a sweet & wonderful ending in every bite? 
Try these new flavors now and tell me if you're on #TeamChocolateMousse or #TeamFrenchVanilla
And maybe you can help me pick which team I should be in! ;)

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog post and my Cadbury Experience.
Thanks again to Nuffnang & Cadbury for the wonderful experience! 
It's really an unforgettable one!
Thank you for putting a smile in my heart.

Aaaand that's it! :) I really do hope you guys will try to have 
your own Cadbury Sweet Ending Experience.
Try it, you won't regret it!! ;) ;) ;)

Now after a long day, I'm gonna be having another Cadbury Sweet Ending! :)
Can't wait to munch on my chocolate bars!! :)


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  1. oh my goooooosh i would've ate all that in one go! I'd definitely go for french vanilla though. chocolate mousse on a chocolate bar is overkill for me. xP