Today was "errand" day for me. I had a meeting with a good friend to discuss an upcoming project.

This was in front of the coffee shop where we had our meeting. I was not planning to take outfit photos today but my friend said I looked so formal yet fun so I opted to take pictures of my look. 

I know peplums aren't in right now but I just love this top so I wore it! It looks so formal and casual at the same time. And I love the colors that I'm wearing in this outfit. I've always been a fan of pastel colors. Whenever I'm on a basic look kind of mood, I always pick out dainty and sweet colors.
They make me feel so light and happy. :)

Peplum Top: Random store in Tiendesitas | Shorts: Bazaar | Floral Satchel Bag: Jellybean
Orange Necklace: Random store in Greenhills


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