Cadbury Sweet Endings #TeamChocolateMousse


Bonjour!! :>

College has been really hard for all of us, but my best friends and I are really happy that we can always end our day with a sweet ending. Thanks to Cadbury for giving us the sweet ending we can always look forward to everyday. Cadbury Dairy Milk is a smooth and creamy chocolate bar and the taste itself definitely gives a sweet ending. And our favorite chocolate just got better!! They have two new luxurious flavor which is the French Vanilla and the Chocolate Mousse! :)

My besties and I are definitely a part of the #TeamChocolateMousse because as you bite,  you can taste light and airy chocolate flavored cream covered in delicious milk chocolate. 
Eating Cadbury Dairy Milk is a sweet ending. It really is a tasty accompaniment after a night out with my besties, a delicious companion when pulling an all nighter to finish all the paper works, and a perfect end to a wonderful meal. :) It can give you the sweetest ending all day, everyday.

Experience the romantic feeling of being in Paris, and buy a 180g pack of Cadbury Dairy Milk's new Flavors, French Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse for only 180php srp. 

Have a sweet ending with Cadbury Dairy Milk!! :)


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