Product Review: Belo Intensive Whitening Soap


Here's my product of the week from SampleRoom PH

Belo Intensive Whitening Bar

I like this soap because it's not too hard on my skin. And it is really effective. But it lasted for only 9-10 days and I need more. :( I am definitely going to buy this product again because it's from Belo and it's really impressive. But I just got one tip for you, do not stay under the sun for a long period of time while using this soap or else you might get darker. I recommend this product for people who have tons of budget for their skin and would love to get whiter. :) This is a good soap for you. It has acid content but it doesn't really burn or hurt your skin. Maybe at your first try but in my case, my skin got used to it immediately and I somehow got fairer skin.

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  1. Hi. I just want to ask if this soap sting on the skin when use? Just like other whitening products.

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