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Another Blair Waldorf Inspired- Outfit

Since my freshmen year in high school, I always watch Gossip Girl. I was literally obsessed with it. Mainly, because of Blair and her glamorous upper east side life. She has always been (and always will be) my favorite tv show actress of all time. I love her fashion style, her whole character, the way she acts, her talent, her love story with Chuck and basically her whole being. She is so beautiful.

Last Sunday, I was watching Gossip Girl Season 1 because I've been really missing the TV show and decided to pull of a Blair inspired outfit to post on my Enchanted Escape. ;) 

Blair is a big part of my teenage years and she is one of the (not too many) women I look up to. She inspires me in many ways even after the show has ended. Honestly, I'd like to believe that half of the person I've become was inspired by watching Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl.

On this outfit I wore the colors black and white, because these two colors are timeless and always "in". Here's a tip I learned from dressing up for different events, occasions and whatnot. You can never go wrong with black or white. May it be a casual, formal, simple, or extravagant event, black and white is always an option! Just try to mix them up with fab accessories and a beautiful pair of shoes and you're good to go! Plus, it looks good on anyone!! ;)

Gold Ribbon Headband: Strawberry Swoon, formerly Ichigoshoppe Online | Black Necklace: Personalized Accessories | Plain White Top: Forever 21 | Asymmetrical Shorts: Plains & Prints | Shoes: Velvet Angels

Here's my Blair Waldorf quote of the month!! :)

*Disclaimer, photo from Google*

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Tell me how do you like this look!

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