Tesle in Crocs x @SkinnyLady18


Who doesn't love Crocs??

Ever since Crocs was introduced here in the Philippines, my parents opted I use a pair or two.
Because they're so comfortable and easy to pair with anything. So I was very happy to receive a pair of Crocs Sandals from an Instagram Shop @SkinnyLady18

I find this outfit very fun and unique since not everyone chooses to wear neon on a regular basis. Hahaha
When I was preparing the stuff I'll be using for the shoot today, I was scared that I might not be able to pull off this look. So I'm glad that I somehow did. :)

Here's a tip when you want to use neon color for a casual day outfit, always pair it with a neutral one because it'll help tone down the whole outfit. ;)

Another tip: For taking outdoor photos, I usually start at 3-4pm because that's when the sun is really bright which gives a perfect lighting for a photo!!

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They offer a variety of imported and legit bags, shoes, etc.

Denim Polo: Topman | Neon Green Top: Cache Cache | Black Skirt: Bazaar | Crocs: @SkinnyLady18

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