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Tonight, I will be sharing to you guys the latest products I've received 
and how was my experience with them.

I have always been a fan of natural/organic beauty products since my skin is very senstive.
I easily break out and worse, I get allergies from using products that contain too much chemicals.

And then I've discovered Sample Room, and chose these products because I really wanna try them.

Himalaya Herbals Whitening Face Wash
I like how it can really dry out my pimples, but I think it made my face only a little fairer and smoother.
My t-zone area gets really oily at the end of the day and when I started using this Facial Wash, it helped lessen the oiliness. It thoroughly cleans my skin and removes the dirt. And what I really love about this product is that, it's all natural! It's very safe to use and perfect for people with sensitive skin like me. :)

Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Cream
From the word itself "nourishing" it really did wonders on my skin.
I love how it's not too greasy on my skin and it somehow made my skin lighter and softer.
It smells really nice too! :) Because of the weather, I've been having brittle and dry skin which annoys me a lot! I hate seeing my skin so dry and rough!! Good thing, this Nourishing Cream helped me moisturize my skin. I apply this before going to school so it can protect my skin from the heat and pollution. I also use it as a base before I put my make up so it can protect my skin from the chemicals. :)

You can visit their website for more info about other products they offer!

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Products from the Sample Room


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