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I'm not really OC when it comes to my skin. But I admit being super arte with germs and other stuff. Sometimes I feel like my boyfriend gets really annoyed about it. Hahaha I really don't have any routine at night to take care of my skin. I just wash my face using whatever soap I feel like using (most of them are from Blogger Mails and I love trying them out) and then I'd brush my teeth, put some petrolium jelly on my rashes or mosquito bites, and that's it!! I rarely use toner and stuff because I usually sleep late at night and I just wanna crash into my bed and rest. But now I've been trying to get healthier skin since I have been receiving tons of beauty supplies. And I literally love them all.

An Instagram Shop @prelovedbymeonlineshop sent me these cute beauty items from their store. And they all smell incredibly nice!! :) I am so excited to use them. Here's what I got:
  • Alpha Arbutin Soap
  • Sweet Pink Massage Gel Tofu Facial Wash
  • Underarm White Cream
If you guys aren't really familiar about the Alpha Arbutin Soap, well I've done my research about it (since I get to do a lot of researching nowadays, being a psychology student) It can actually help to remove dark spots and it lightens dark skin really fast. It helps whiten skin if you use it for about 2-3months. I've read some articles saying that some researchers conducted a study about it and has proven that Arbutin Soap is safe to use and it is definitely effective. It also helps replace dead cells on your skin and it moisturize it as well. But we all have different skin type so I suggest try it on your hands first for seven consecutive days to be sure it doesn't have any effect for you. :)

But I am definitely going for these products. Might as well start trying them tonight!! :)

You can buy yours just follow @prelovedbymeonlineshop on Instagram and check out their products!!
Alpha Arbutin Soap costs 120php
Sweet Pink Massage Gel Tofu Facial Wash costs 120php
Under Arm White Cream costs 80php


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