In love with black and white now.. Is this a good bye to sassy and girly outfits?

My inner Barbie wanna-be self says farewell, my loves! The new and improve Tesle is coming this 2015.. :p i try so hard to think of what I want my blog to become and what direction should I be going.. My heart tells me not to let go of my love for bold colors and design but my mind tells me to step up my game and go for more basic yet stylish looks. :)

I am so excited for 2015 and what's in store for me and my Enchanted Escape. I might just continue posting outfits in neutral colors like black, white, nude, and all the pastel colors (I can never let go of them 'cause they're my favorite theme) I've so many plans for this blog on 2015 and I hope you guys watch out for it!! :)

You can never really go wrong for black and white, it's very versatile and easy to match with any event/occasions. So here's a tip, always make sure you have the perfect little black dress in your closet because there'll be countless of times that you're gonna need it. As for the shoes, a pair of plain white sneakers will always be a part of the fashion industry. It's very comfortable and can be used in any day! it's really in now and you can even match it with fabulous outfits. Just make sure you pair it with pieces of clothes that'll look good and polished.

Black Hat: ZARA | Black Jumpsuit: Forever 21 | Plain White Shoes: H & M

Can't wait to celebrate and welcome the New Year!! :p

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