Mood For Pastel And Lace


Happy Sunday Morning!!

I find this blue lace top really cute! :) Perfect for tea and pastries date (my favorite kind of date)
Pastel colors are my favorite because they're simply cute and girly!! :)
I always tell my friends that when I get married, my theme would be Pastel Colors.
Just like when I had my 18th birthday party, everything was baby pink!
I even told my friends to wear the most fabulous dresses in pastel. Haha

Lace Top: Instagram Shop @unnieshoppe | Baby Pink Shorts: Bazaar | White Ring: Girlshoppe | Lace iPhone Case: Bazaar 

I am selling this pre loved silver heels and if any of you are interested, please tweet, dm or leave me a message on my Facebook page! :)

Thanks to @unnieshoppe on Instagram for sending this cute lace top!
Perfect for my Sunday! :)

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Hope you guys are having a happy and blessed sunday morning too!


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