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 I've received a box of Cake Poppers last year from the Same shop, and I must say the taste never changed! It's the same moist, freshly baked, sweet, cream cheese filled dessert I remember. :) Oh how I love munching on these Cake Poppers! I can eat them all day. :) Sadly, my brothers ate half of it and I only got to eat I think 4 or 5 pieces of this delectable goodness! Hope Ms. Con would send more Cake Poppers my way! :p Hihi

I should tell this is the perfect gift for your loved ones this Christmas!! :)

Here's the price list (I must say it's really affordable)

For the Box of 12 - Php 150.00
For the Box of 24 - Php 300.00
Box of 12 Individual Pack - Php 250.00
Box of 24 Individual Pack - Php 400.00

(Excuse the unappealing nails)

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I'd like to thank Ms. Con of My Heavenly Dessert for the continuous support on this blog and for trusting me, and sharing stories with me. You have the most wonderful heart, may it be filled with love and passion everyday. :)

Have a Blessed Tuesday Night! :)

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