Why I love to #BlogWithNuffnang

Why I love to #BlogWithNuffnang ???

I have always been a fan of blogging, I was only fifteen when I started writing and posting fashion related blog posts using tumblr and polyvore. One day I've stumbled upon a blog who has a Nuffnang badge at the left side of her blog. I was really curious about it, so I clicked the badge. I wanted to join but I was only 16 at the time and was too scared to register. But that's when my wildest blogger dreams started. I knew who I wanted to become, I knew what I wanted to do with my life. So when I got a few years older, I finally registered. And had my own Nuffnang badge on my own blog. It was all going well, I was getting paid for every unique visits, and I was getting invited to different events and contests. I couldn't ask for more.

But of course, Nuffnang always offer us more. They make sure bloggers can have the best blogging experience. I also enjoy this experience with my family members. 

Nuffnang hosts fun contests that us bloggers can join to almost every month! :) I also get a lot of freebies like chocolates, movie tickets and food that I can share with my family and friends! And I also get to meet my fellow Nuffies and bloggers who turned out to be the best people I have ever met!

When I found out about this contest, I was really excited to join! I believe I deserve to win this contest and have my own domain (although I already have) but I badly want a new layout and design for my blog. And also I wanted to take this opportunity to inspire and reach out to other people especially people of my age to start blogging too! Not only can they join Nuffnang and have the best blogging experience but it can also help them in their self growth and self improvement just like what blogging has been doing to me too. It helps me feel better, writing is my stress reliever, and my readers are my number one inspiration. And other bloggers inspire me to do better too. Nuffnang helps simple bloggers like me to achieve our wildest and craziest dream, and helps me enjoy blogging more.

There's a lot of reasons why I love to #BlogWithNuffnang and there's only so much I can tell through one blog post. :)

Nuffnang let's you choose what kind of banners and sponsored posts you'd like to put in your blog. They also make sure that your readers will be interested in too! They also host the best events and contests, I have won I think four times already! I was able to attend special movie screenings and I got a lot of freebies too!

I honestly consider Nuffnang as my blogging best friend because it inspires me to blog even more. Who wouldn't be inspired to blog if all your hard work will pay off? :) Truly, being a blogger has a lot of perks. All thanks to Nuffnang! :)

I hope to win this contest and I know, you, my lovely readers will support me all the way! :) If you want to be a blogger yourself and would like to try joining Nuffnang, just click the banner here on my blog which will redirect you to their website. :)

crossing my fingers!

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