Bobbi Brown Make Up Lesson

Bobbi Brown is one of the make up brands that I truly adore. Their products are really amazing and there's something about it that lifts your self esteem higher. (Ang deep haha) So anyway, I went with my college friend who loves make up as much as I do. We were really excited because we heard that one of Bobbi Brown's best make up artist will be there to give some tips and to show Filipina women how to use Bobbi Brown products in our daily lives. We also got to meet Bobbi Brown's brand coordinator, Sam Sadhwani who was really nice to us. She told us about the event and she was really friendly. :)

Here's Felix Nguyen (the make up artist I mentioned earlier, who also works alongside Bobbi Brown! He's Bobbi Brown's Regional Artistry Manager) He was very nice too! At the event, they served us drinks which I really enjoyed because the drink was color pink (light pink, really) Haha. Anyway, Felix showed us the right ways to take care of your skin, which product is perfect to use on different days and basically he showed us how to look simply beautiful without having to put too much make up on. He also entertained some questions from the audience. :)

There were different types of make up listed and we got to choose one and have a local Bobbi Brown trained make up artists do the make up for us. I chose the lesson about making your eyes pop since I really wanted to know how to maximize my 'chinita' eyes. The artist was very accommodating, actually all of them were very accommodating. :) The lessons were quick and easy to do so it wouldn't take much of your time.

Thereeeeeee! Mirror selfie (also posted this photo on Instagram so make sure to follow me @tesletelandotcom) My make up was simple and very neat (according to my boyfriend)

Here's what Bobbi trained local make up artist, Jerome used on me:

Bronzer shade Natural - used to lightly contour my face
Bronzer Brush - which I must say, felt so nice on my skin :)
Blush in Pink Coral - made me look fresh and kilig
Blush Brush - Note to self: I must get one!
Eye Base shade Medium - He used this as a base to achieve a natural look
All Over shade - Bone
Eye sweep brush
For my lower lid he used Hot Stone/ Mahogany shade
Gel Liner Black ink - I was so happy because he winged the liner and it was actually my first time to see myself with a winged liner! :) I must try it again soon!
Lipstick - Creamy Matte shade Warm Beige

For more information about Bobbi Brown, please visit Bobbi Brown PH

It was definitely a nice and beautiful afternoon spent with Bobbi Brown. 
I'm looking forward to another beauty event.

Have a happy Sunday everyone! :)

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